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Good Essay Topics: Inspire Your Inner Writer

Your motivation as a writer is influenced by the essay topic you choose. So the overall grade for the paper might be different depending on that. Here is a list that contains examples of good essay topics. The writers of our service have been working in the sphere for quite some time, so they have not any problems with finding amazing essay topic ideas! Whether you need a paper for middle school, high school, college, or university - feel free to use our service.

Good and Inspirational Essay Topics Ideas

Your motivation as a writer is influenced by the essay topic you choose. So the overall grade for the paper might be different depending on that. Here is a list that contains examples of good essay topics. The writers of our service have been working in the sphere for quite some time, so they have not any problems with finding amazing essay topic ideas! Whether you need a paper for middle school, high school, college, or university - feel free to use our service.

How to Choose a Win-win Essay Topic?

You have to be very careful when selecting a theme for your paper. Sometimes it looks easy, but a lot of students forget about the type of academic writing they must stick to. There are several essay types, and sometimes the topic itself is as important as the type of paper you are assigned. The way you formulate your argument heavily depends on thean essay type. We hope this is the article that will help anyone who doesn't know how to pick a good theme. It will also show how different styles influence the topic selecting process.

Essay Topics by Type

Tips on Each of the Paper

As we have already said, there are plenty of essay types, so be prepared to know more about the particular features of each one. The structure can also differ, but that is a separate question to discuss. We've put a short description of each type so that you could use it when choosing the subject.

Good argumentative essay topics

This type of paper requires an in-depth investigation of a subject. That includes collecting enough evidence with their further evaluation and forming a succinct viewpoint on the issue. You might have heard similar things about expository essays, but the latter involves much less research, and they are considerably shorter. When writing an argumentative paper, you will have to plunge deeply into previously released materials and literature sources. To sum it up, you need to break up this essay into a clear thesis statement, logical supporting paragraphs, substantial evidence, and conclusion with some research prospects on the matter. Now, let's look at some good topics for an argumentative essay.

  • Education: should it be mandatory or not?
  • Should parents influence the profession choice of their children?
  • Should children be paid for performing their household chores?
  • Is it acceptable to use kids in commercials?
  • Will gun control prevent school shootings?

Writing tips for this one are as follows!

  • Try not to use pure facts. The thing is that they are difficult to debate, as they are just a piece of evidence. Try to choose controversial issues.
  • Avoid themes that make you too passionate. If you are emotionally charged when writing on a topic, you may find it hard to argue about it with a clear mind.
  • Take a risk and choose the subject which would rather be avoided by others. This will help you provide yourself with interesting work and make your subject stand out from many other popular themes.

Persuasive essay topics

A persuasive essay has to convince the reader of a specific idea or point of view which you consider to be the right one. During essay paper writing, make sure that all your sentences, as well as the thesis statement, have a strong argument and contain clearly constructed thoughts and ideas. It is not recommended to use phrases that might include vague definitions or controversial concepts. Before you start working on the text, research your topic because to convince people of something, you must sound assertive. Of course, your point of view matters, but it is not quite enough - you need solid arguments to back it up. Let's take a look at some examples of inspiring essay topics to have a better idea of how they look like.

  • Did we become too dependent on technology?
  • Why making selfies can help increase your self-confidence.
  • Should women always wear makeup?
  • How can dress code demoralize employees?
  • Working online creates social isolation.


  • Choose the topic that is neither too narrow nor too wide. If you make a wrong decision, even 100 pages may be not enough to elaborate on the topic, or your thoughts might fit in one paragraph only.
  • Choose a thought-provocative theme that you have a firm opinion about. It shouldn't be something you don't really care about.
  • Be objective and try to evaluate the problem from both sides. To be persuasive and refute the opposite opinions, you need to have solid arguments but also know the flip side of the problem.
  • Let's say you are very interested in the question of the necessity of the women's makeup. Then, your theme should be about why women should do it daily, and all your arguments should reflect why it is necessary for them and how it affects their lives.

Definition essay topics

Such a paper aims at defining the meaning of a certain term. It may be a material object such as a book, a house, a theory, or you may have to concern an abstract term that requires revealing your personal point of view on its meaning. You will need first to provide basic information on the term and then use facts and examples to give a better understanding of it for the reader. The ways to define the chosen term may be different. For instance, you may define it by function, explaining how an object works. Or, you might tell about its organization. Another approach is to tell about the untrue stereotypes about the chosen term and tell what it does not mean if you take, for instance, a slang word.

  • Success - is it necessary to earn $100,000 annually to be successful? Does money even have anything to do with this term?
  • Home. Do you think of a house as a home - why or why not?
  • The American Dream - a gay or a child-free person may perceive it in another way than the majority of people.
  • Beauty. What do you include in this term - a person's appearance only, or does it also concern their inner beauty?
  • Heroism. What is heroism, in your opinion? Is the history of heroism something that may be met in everyday life?


  • Don't choose an object like a cat or a tomato as it will be very hard to extend the definition of these terms to an entire essay.
  • If you wish to leave the room for interpretation, better select an abstract term.

Compare and contrast essay topics

This paper compares the differences and similarities of two distinct things that are different enough to be analyzed. A high-grade paper of such a type will have a meaningful analysis of similar and different features and a conclusion. Before you start, make sure the two objects can be compared in such a way. After you've made your choice, start researching and brainstorming your ideas. Structure your essay correctly as your task is to compare and contrast each element you are pointing out. And don't forget to check your teacher's recommendations. Here are five cool topic examples for a compare and contrast essay!

  • What are the main differences between management and leadership?
  • Eastern religions vs. western religions.
  • Classical and modern cinema portrayals of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Ancient period vs. Renaissance. Are there more similarities than differences?
  • David Bowie's original "Man Who Sold the World" vs. the cover by Nirvana.


  • When choosing two objects, make sure there is a big number of points that can be compared - both similarities and differences.
  • Not to make your paper too broad, choose individual objects - places, people, or concepts.
  • Choosing a comparison subject that is thought-provocative is what you need to keep in mind to interest the reader. They won't be surprised to learn that the Ancient period and Renaissance are both epochs of culture and literacy prosperity. Instead, talk about the heights of both periods and how people living in the Renaissance rediscovered the intellectual ambitions of the ancient predecessors.

Cause and effect essay topics

In case you are given a task to write a cause and effect paper, you are to examine some event or a particular situation. Determine the connection between the things which caused this situation and the effects the case had or might have. But make sure to pay equal attention to discussing both aspects - causes and effects. Here are some cause and effect paper ideas that might help you.

  • A big part of the population is used to eating junk food. Why?
  • What are the main reasons for people to stay single?
  • What causes stereotypes to appear?
  • How politics affects people's lives.
  • How music affects the human brain.
  • More cause and effect essay topics.


  • Choose a theme that is both interesting and newsworthy.
  • If you feel like investigating, you may choose a topic that you are aware of superficially. But if you don't want to delve into the unknown, choose a question you are experienced in or the one that is based on your own life.

Narrative essay topics

Narrative paper is a bit different from other types. Here you should tell a story that illustrates a period or event in your life which are either meaningful to you or significantly influenced your life choices, etc. Such a piece of work should have some emotional impact on your readers. Hence, the topic you choose plays a vital role. Think twice before making the final decision and try to recapture all the pivotal moments of your life. Here are five good narrative essay topics to give you an overall idea.

  • The most memorable day of your life.
  • Valuable life lessons you learned.
  • One day that has changed the course of your life.
  • The role of rejection experience in your life.
  • Who you wanted to become when you were a kid and why.


  • In such a paper, you need to tell the story with a climax that shows some dramatic change - of yourself or any other character. For instance, write about when you realized that your parents wouldn't be solving all your problems anymore or tell about your first experience of giving a speech in front of a huge audience.
  • Include dialogs and descriptions that would make your narrative more involving and give the reader a sense of presence in the story.

Informative essay topics

The purpose of this type of paper is to educate people. To convey the information of an essay clearly and understandably, you have to know a lot about your topic. To succeed with this type of essay, one has to make sure there will be enough information for readers about what you want to discuss. These are just a few topics examples for an informative paper to help you out.

  • How to get a dream job.
  • Ancient civilizations throughout history.
  • What racism is and how to deal with it.
  • The challenges humanity faces these days.
  • How the global economy affects developing countries.


  • You need to tell about a certain concept or a process informatively, that is why you need to fully understand it from beginning to the end.
  • Do not choose a subject that requires a lot of time to write about. Try to stay specific and choose a theme that is intricate enough to be interesting yet not very long to fit in your word limit.
  • Find enough info to disclose the theme and make sure you have complemented it with concrete details such as quotes or pictures that add credibility to your paper.

Expository essay topics

When your teacher wants you to write an expository essay, your task is to tell, explain, define, inform, or clarify a particular fact, thing, or object or their elements. Before writing, think carefully about the expository essay topic and the purpose of your paper. Then choose your target audience. Those factors will influence your work the most. Brainstorm ideas, look for credible sources and start making notes. As soon as you've done with that, start writing the first draft and thesis statement. Here are some topics for an expository essay you can use as an example.

  • How to lead a healthy lifestyle working in the office.
  • How we can prevent child suicides.
  • Homeschooling. How it works.
  • How to choose a suitable college.
  • The way we can help the homeless every day.


  • Choose an academic writing topic you have some knowledge about and that fits within the course material.
  • Building an essay paper upon the course material, trends, news events, and current pop culture events is the best choice.
  • Make sure your subject evokes interest in you and has a lot of material to research from.

Proposal essay topics

You may need to write this paper in many fields, e.g., education or business. Its purpose is to obtain assistance for a project by notifying certain people about it. As a student, you need to propose a concept and provide evidence or arguments to convince readers why an idea is good or bad. In any type of proposal, you need to adhere to a specific structure: a solid introduction, an issue as a substance of your proposal, possible solutions (the plan of action), and the conclusion. Let's see some sample essay topics for a captivating proposal paper.

  • How should students be graded?
  • How can children be persuaded not to experiment with drugs?
  • Issues with cyber-crime and how they may be prevented.
  • Should hunting in all forms be prohibited by law?
  • Measures to take to provide better conditions for US veterans.


  • Learn your audience to know which topic will be convincing for them and which will be not. You'll need to convey different ideas for business people, students, or government officials.
  • When choosing a subject, make sure you can persuade the audience you are knowledgeable about the issue and can provide enough proof and clarifications.

Inspirational Essay Topics by Subject

Here are some ideas for students looking for an English essay topic by subject.

  • Philosophy essay topics

    • Wisdom: a prerogative of the old?
    • Karma is nothing more than a coincidence.
    • Evil exists because there is no God.
  • Psychology essay topics

    • Children always copy their parents. How to use it.
    • Bullying and its consequences in adult life.
    • Psychology and language acquisition.
  • Sociology essay topics

    • Discrimination: Then and now.
    • Mass media and propaganda - the connection.
    • Your private life is a myth.
  • US history essay topics

    • Native Americans and their history.
    • Great women in US history.
    • The most remarkable figure in US history.
  • Philosophy essay topics

    • Children always copy their parents. How to use it.
    • Bullying and its consequences in adult life.
    • Psychology and language acquisition.
  • Economics essay topics

    • Economic consequences of immigration.
    • New trends in digital marketing.
    • The next massive collapse of the economy. What we need to know.

    Essay Topics by Other Sub-categories

    • Hamlet essay topics

      • The theme of suicide in Hamlet.
      • Relations between Hamlet and female characters.
      • The roles of Ghost, revenge, and mystic in Hamlet.
    • Social issues essay topics

    • Frankenstein essay topics

      • Symbolism in the novel.
      • Stepping over morality for the sake of progress: is it justified?
      • Who is responsible for the monster's actions?
    • 1984 essay topics

      • "Big Brother is watching." Describe a psychological effect this phrase has on you.
      • Compare totalitarian control methods in the novel and real life.
      • Discuss the motif of "urban decay" in the novel.

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