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In general, you face no risks when buying academic papers from our service. This service is fully legitimate and secure.

Nevertheless, we recommend reading Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy before placing an order. Please pay attention when you can request revisions as well as full refunds. In case of any questions or uncertainties, you can always contact our support team to clarify details. For instance, you may consult our pros on what type of essays you should better order:

  • Extended
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  • Narrative
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  • Comparison or comparative
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WiseEssays is a real writing company that obeys all the necessary laws and regulations. As for the financial transactions, when you conduct a payment, be sure that no information is stored or used by our employees. Our company applies highly safe systems and guarantees the full security of your private data.

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Avoid choosing the cheapest services. Prices like six dollars per page look rather suspicious, and they stand for low quality (e.g., partially plagiarized paper or an essay full of mistakes and logical fallacies). Free essays are not unique as well. You can download them, but you'll have to do a lot of work trying to make them fully original, and that's a real headache for many students.

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wiseessays_image Choosing a writer

On our website, we provide an opportunity to pick the expert out of the pool of our essay creators. We have an advanced team of writers with extra skills and knowledge. Their services might cost a bit more than those of new authors, but they will certainly be composed at the university level. Even a tough professor, doctor of science, will be impressed! Plus, our authors are native speakers from different English-speaking regions.

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Yes, and it operates without weekends or breaks. Our support teams work by shifts, so there always will be someone to answer your questions or help with complaints and provide quick help. You can ask anything: from samples of essays on our website to how to obtain discounts and special offers. Buyers who have already tried our services share that they receive fast and friendly responses and recommendations.

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Among all, students can count on several free things that WiseEssays offers. They include outline, drafts, citations, references, and revisions that you can order within two weeks after we send the final copy of your essay.

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We know all possible topics that you may cover in your academic courses.

  • British English vs. American English: What's the Difference?
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  • Prejudice and discrimination (i.e., homophobia, sexism, racism)
  • Conflict of Generations in "The Breakfast Club"
  • Commoner, Darwin and Paley's Theories on Humans Evolution
  • Basic piping codes and standards
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These were all examples of subjects that we cover. So, once you order an essay from us, have your dinner and worry about nothing.

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We'll tell you more: ONLY professional essay writers work in our company. We do not hire amateurs or dummies. Only experts in academic writing are welcomed in our team.

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How Does Essay Service from Our Pros Work?

After analyzing information about our company and getting familiar with our terms & conditions, you are ready to get quality and fast help from WiseEssays. The questions that may pop up in your head could be how exactly you can buy an essay. We can explain how to pass this process hassle-free - here is a simple instruction:


Decide on Your Essay Criteria

Once you register and login, go to the page with an Order Form. Start by providing your essay prompt. We need all instructions along with any extra materials that you might have. Then, pick the service you need at the moment: writing, proofreading, editing, or rewriting, perhaps. Choose an essay as the preferred type of paper (right, we handle almost all types of academic projects, from annotated bibliographies to Capstone projects). The last thing we should know is your academic level (pre-school, high school, Ph.D., MA). Do you need us to choose a writer for you, or would you like to do it yourself?


Send the Payment

Even after submitting the money for your work, we do not pass it over to your writer immediately. No. The expert will only be paid after you confirm that you are satisfied with the work done. So, before paying, pick the most appropriate payment option. You can notice that our website offers only credible payment systems. All financial transactions are secure and appropriately protected. Such factors as word count, deadline, and level of difficulty define how much an essay may cost you. We start working urgently once the payment is delivered to our banking account.


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We have nothing to hide from you, and the best proof is that you can keep an eye on the entire process of your cooperation with our company. If you notice something goes wrong, you can let us know or just talk straight to your writer, pointing to what has to be changed. Our clients have an opportunity to ask for outlines and drafts at any stage of our work.


Download the Final Draft

Before the due date and due time, we'll send the ready copy to you. You can get it in your personal account or via email. In any case, we'll notify you through any of the communication channels that you share with us. Download your essay and look through it. Do you like everything about this work? If not, let your writer know, and they will revise your paper at no charge. Free revisions within two weeks are what we guarantee to every customer. Only after your approval does the writer gets paid, and your order is marked completed. We will also appreciate any feedback from you.



How can I buy a college essay?

You can find a detailed description of the entire process on our page. Just go to the How It Works or Order Form section and follow the simple guidelines. We do not ask you to share a lot of personal information, so please just provide your contacts to get notifications and the essays you order.

Is it legal to buy an essay from your service?

Sure, academic writing services are fully legal as they do not break any laws. WiseEssays has no legal problems, and we have all the necessary licenses to sell our products and services around the globe. We also obey all US laws and regulations for e-Commerce.

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The answer is right in front of you! Search no more, as WiseEssays has all the necessary conditions to craft authentic essays on various topics for our clients. It does not matter where you are located - we write papers for English-speaking people worldwide.

Is buying essays online safe with

We have imposed various encryption and other measurements to protect our clients' private data and financial transactions. Our website is protected by The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and McAfee.

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Well, we do not promise the lowest prices on the market. However, we provide a great balance between price and quality. Starting from $12.71, you can buy a one-page essay that will be written within a couple of days. The rate might be slightly higher yet affordable to speed up the process.