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Thursday Mar 26, 2020

5 Paragraph Essay Rubric: Guide for Easy Grading of Academic Papers

In the world of academia, there are different rules and standards that one should follow to come up with an appropriate assignment. And, since the most common writing task in a 5 paragraph essay, we offer you to learn more about this paper's rubric. In our article, we discuss the basics of a 5 paragraph essay rubric for you to understand how to meet the requirements properly. With our simple recommendations and example, your way from F to A is going to be smooth and stress-free.

Thursday Mar 26, 2020

Problem Solution Essay on Bullying Outline - Writing Examples

If you're dealing with an assignment about preventing different forms of harassment at schools, a problem solution essay on bullying outline is what can come in handy. With an outline, you can easily organize your ideas and come up with interesting and thought-provoking writing. In this article, you can find recommendations on how to construct an outline for an essay on bullying, analyze the provided examples, and prepare for writing a top-notch essay yourself. Serious problems require effective solutions, and we are ready to help you with that!

Thursday Mar 26, 2020

How to Write a Literary Essay Analysis

What can be more exciting than reading a book? For many, that's its analysis. There are students who enjoy preparing a literary analysis assignment since it is a chance to discover something new about the well-known literature. But, there are also those finding this academic paper really challenging. For you, we have prepared a complete guide on how to write a literary essay and come up with a text that will follow the standards and meet your professor's expectations. Relevant writing tips, examples, and simple recommendations for you to deal with a literary essay assignment easily.

Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

How to Write a Scholarship Essay: Winning Writing Guide with Tips and Examples

Making a school or college pay for one's education and fulfillment of academic goals is what many students dream about. And, a good scholarship essay is what can help you do that. But how to convince the committee that you are a perfect candidate and your academic intentions deserve funding? In this article, we can answer that question. We provide you a complete guide on how to write a scholarship essay and make it perfect from the first to the last word. Here, you will find scholarship essay writing tips, examples, and different strategies on how to make this assignment perfect.

Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

Problem Solution Essay Outline - Step-by-Step Writing Instructions

Every problem needs a relevant and effective solution. And, if you're writing a problem-solution essay, you have to develop a logical and coherent writing strategy for the readers to understand you right. Here, our article will help. We offer you an informative problem-solution outline writing guide with simple tips and examples. With our recommendations, it will be easy for you to prepare a coherent outline and base a perfect essay on it. Follow the recommendations discussed here, and you will solve any academic problem without stress!

Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

Argumentative Essay Conclusion - Write a Strong Concluding Paragraph

The last part of your writing may have the biggest impact on the assignment's quality. With a good argumentative essay conclusion, you can strengthen your main idea, make the audience to consider some crucial issues, and boost your chances to come up with really outstanding writing. In this article, we discuss the importance of the concluding paragraph, analyze the ways to end an essay, and provide different argumentative conclusion examples that can come in handy. Find out what tips can help you with preparing a top-notch argumentative essay finale.

Thursday Feb 20, 2020

College Essay Tips for Students - Guide on College Essay Crafting

Every student knows that there should be an introduction, body paragraph, and a conclusion in any college essay. But what about the main content of this assignment? How one can refine the text? What expressions to avoid and what aspects to consider in the first place? In this guide, we offer you the most relevant college essay tips that will help you make this assignment coherent, prove your academic competence, and impress the readers with the quality of your college writing.

Sunday Feb 09, 2020

College Essay Topics - 70 Ideas for Creative Writing

Studying at college makes students change their academic routine dramatically. Here, you have to widen your knowledge base, learn to express your ideas, and develop different skills that will be necessary for your future. One of the ways to do that is essay writing. This assignment turns your creative and analytical thinking on and makes you consider different aspects of life. What's more important is a college essay topic you decide to dwell on. In this article, we offer you 70 interesting college essay topics writing on which can highlight your academic competence and original way of thinking.

Tuesday Jan 21, 2020

5 Paragraph Essay Template - Writing an Outline with Five Sections

No journey is possible without a good road map. The same can be said about academic assignments. Those are usually essays that have a pretty common structure - they contain 5 paragraphs. And, to write one well, you have to prepare a template first. In this guide, we discuss the issue of the 5 paragraph essay template and provide you with examples you can use for any five-paragraph writing of academia. Recall the basics of 5 paragraph essay and learn how to prepare a perfect template for it.

Thursday Dec 26, 2019

5 Paragraph Essay Topics - Best Ideas to Write a College Essay

A variety of academic assignments is wide, and you need to know all the rules well to come up with top-notch writings. One of the aspects that should be considered attentively is a topic you choose to focus on. In this guide, we discuss 5 paragraph essay topics. That is the simplest and the most efficient writing strategy that can be applied to almost any school paper. Look through the topic ideas for high and middle schools and choose one that will help you prepare a perfect 5 paragraph essay.

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