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One of the most popular types of essays is a case study. A lot of students struggle with it, and It's not surprising. The Challenge of this assignment can make you anxious but don't worry; after this article, you will know how to fight it. The case study is very complicated if you don't know how to use structure, where to put your points etc.

Knowledge will make you understand what you are writing. Pretty crucial for this kind of task. Here we will show you everything you need to know in order to solve puzzles which are your homework or classwork. Here you can find out how to make your case study writing in comfort. Who to ask for help and how much this help will cost. Also, this means we will talk about general tips and make an overview of one of the best services for case studies and essays in general.

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Case Study Assignment Help. How to Write a Case Study

Continuing with the case study, we need to know what it is and how to deal with it. Thus a paragraph full of definitions and general tips on a case study. Furthermore, it also gives us more deep information about studies overall.

Read and Examine the Case

First things first, you need to analyze the topic. This part is one of the bases you'll build your case study on. Don't be in a hurry, look carefully at every part of your task. Try to imagine and answer three main questions. Who, where, and how. After that, you can start writing your structure. This is our advice on the approach.

  • Who - This question can be answered in two different ways:
    • First is who is writing this study, add context about who you are and how this question impacts your life.
    • The second is for whom you are writing this study. Create an image of your listener or reader. What do you see? After that, you can answer your first question.
  • Where - Same as the previous question:
    • First way to answer is to make the context of the place apply to your study. Where it can be used, or in which places are people using them.
    • The second way is where you find your facts. Do some references to other studies or tell about new ways of production in several countries etc.
  • How - This part is about specifics:
    • Firstly make some points and statements on your topic. Tell how it's done, how it was discovered, and how to solve questions.
    • Secondly, how did they find out about it? Which sources state this point and how they discovered it?

After you answer all these questions, you can proceed to the next step.

Writing a Case Study Structure

The structure is very important; your structure must be clear and understandable. There are three basic parts to every essay.

You should include

  • Introduction: This is how you start every project, here you clarify everything, showing the audience what your study is about
  • Body: Primary part of every essay, the body is where you say all your arguments, adding facts and fancy words.
  • Conclusion: In conclusion, you are making the results of the project and case study. Here you can improve vision on body parts by using the right withdrawal.

After the structure is made and you understand or write everything, the next step would be focusing on evidence, a very crucial section.

Focus on Your Research

Get used to the facts you have on your hands. Use them in the right places, and don't forget to add all facts to make more information volume. Don't be cheap on words. The research will pay itself off after it's done.

Focusing may help you understand your study more deeply. For better focusing, rest more often. Finding and investigating information is the first thing you will do, browsing sites require a lot of focus, so try your best!

Make analysis. When you find enough facts, you can make an outline and finally focus on your study. Evenly spread all information you found on sites. Split all information into categories and make paragraphs for each category.

Uncover Solutions & Changes Needed

Following the next tip. Find out what solutions and changes are necessary for your specific study. At this point, you should have your outline ready for processing; rereading and rewriting will be the main base of this part. What exactly should you do?:

  1. Outline your project: Prepare your outline. What makes it right?
  2. Edit outline: Add changes after the first reading.
  3. Connection lines: Add some connecting lines along the text.
  4. Paragraph links: Reread again, trying to find out how to connect paragraphs.
  5. Make changes needed: Remove noninformative parts or add some more evidence.
  6. Unite everything: Conclusion must connect all your paragraphs together in one core argument.

The outline is very important to organize your thoughts and find all missing points at an early stage, without critical damage to the end product.

Choose the Best Solution

When your essay is ready, you can find several appropriate solutions there. You should choose the best fitting one. Parameters for every study can be various but likewise similar to each other. Carefully read every word in your arguments; try to separate them into three types.

  • Strong statement: Good fitting or excellent example.
  • Strong but not straight: Good but not straight answers to the task.
  • Weak claim: Weak or blatant examples that do not improve the argument.

To define weak and strong evidence, you should try to find counterarguments and try to oppose them. This way, you will find weak spots in your case study.

Case Study Topics


  • What exactly is the issue?
  • What is the source of the issue?
  • Who are the main participants in this scenario? What is their stance?
  • What are the relevant statistics?
  • What are the potential remedies, both short- and long-term?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • Advocate for and consider opposing viewpoints
  • What are the possible results of each solution?
  • What further information do you require?
  • What can we take out from this scenario?


  • Education
  • Applied Physics
  • Environmental Science
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business
  • MBA
  • Human Rights
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Еtс...


  • Descriptive case studies.
  • Explanatory case studies.
  • Exploratory case reports.
  • Intrinsic case studies.
  • Instrumental case studies.
  • Collective case reports.

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