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How to Write a Research Proposal: Outline & Examples -

How to Write a Qualitative Research Proposal: Structure, Examples & Common Mistakes

Any research work is a complex task that requires a detailed study of large amounts of information, conducting various sociological surveys, experiments, and performing many other tasks of greater and lesser importance. Research work should be clearly organized and systematic. In order to correctly allocate time and effort, it is necessary to draw up a preliminary work plan, which determines the timing of all stages of preparing a thesis and course work.

In such an abundance of cases and academic tasks, it is very easy to get confused, simply lose interest in work, or spend too much time on it, irrationally distributing your forces. The most optimal solution for a graduate student may be to draw up a plan of scientific work, which will allow you to streamline tasks and form a convenient and competent sequence of actions.

Thanks to such an outline, there will be no rush at the last critical stages, especially when processing work. It is advisable to keep a working diary in which new thoughts that come to mind in the course of work, new proposals, terms that need to be checked, what needs to be completed and corrected are recorded. With these records, you need to start work every day. What is the right place to start writing a research proposal? Find out below!

What Should Be the Good Research Plan and Why is it Needed?

The first step to starting research work is to draw up a preliminary research proposal. Created even in a very general form, the plan helps to organize the work, determine the range of necessary problems, the sequence of their solution, how the content of the work corresponds to its topic, whether all aspects of the topic will be affected in the work, how all the work is connected into a single whole, etc. If the topic is clearly defined, then it is easier to make a plan. Working on a research proposal is the development of an idea for a scientific essay.

To draw up a research proposal, students get acquainted with the general literature on the topic, starting with encyclopedias, generalizing works, and teaching aids. An important role in this can be played by reviewing articles, various reference books, dictionaries, archival materials. A supervisor can also help students draw up a plan. In a logical sequence, questions have been formulated that need to be answered within the framework of the topic, each paragraph is gradually divided into subparagraphs, a place is provided for the introduction, conclusion. At subsequent stages, the research proposal will, of course, be refined.

The research proposal allows the competition committee or potential supervisor to determine the following significance:

  • The candidate has studied well, studied the literature and previous studies on his problems;
  • Scientific issues are in the area of interest of a potential supervisor;
  • The candidate is able to plan his research work;
  • It is important that the research proposal convince those who read it that the candidate;
  • Identified a scientific problem;
  • Possesses a theoretical base and has an idea of ​​methodological approaches to solving this problem in a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost;
  • Will bring something new to the research in the chosen field.

It is also important to take into account that when referring to primary sources without knowing what to look for, you can not see the facts necessary for the work, not determine your own, independent aspect of the study. After all, for this, you need to look at the material through the prism of some idea, at least hypothetically formulated.

When reading sources before studying the scientific literature, the researcher develops his initial opinion. After this, he can compare specific data with someone else's concept and identify its gaps and errors. Thus, where to start work, each researcher decides for himself and at the same time remembers the dangers of each of the indicated paths.

The Sequence of Actions When Writing Research Proposal

Let's look at the questions that need to be decided in order to draw up a competent research proposal. The most important thing is the choice of topic. Contrary to popular misconceptions, a lot depends on this step. Therefore, you should not rush into this, but make a choice by carefully studying the scientific field of interest to you, not forgetting the mandatory relevance and prospects of future material.

This is followed by the collection and study of materials on the chosen topic. As a result, you will be able to determine the specific purpose of the research, forming a problem to which you will look for an answer. Well, then you need to decide on the most effective methods to achieve your objectives.

Also, before starting work, you need to understand that your activity will be divided into two main parts. Theoretical and practical. That is why you should always go from smallest to largest. First, you form an idea, then select theoretical information on it, then conduct experiments, process the results, and form conclusions.

Approximate Structure of The Research Proposal

The work plan is also important because when writing scientific papers it is very important to adhere to certain requirements in terms of material placement, formatting, and structuring of data. That is why your research proposal should consist of the following items:

  1. Title. This is the first section in which you need to formulate the problem and talk about the tools and methods for solving it. It should contain a description of the subject and object of study, focusing on the relevance of the chosen topic.
  2. Analysis of the literature on the topic. Do not limit yourself, because the more sources you use for work, the more accurate, balanced, and authoritative your opinion will be in the end.
  3. Introduction, in which it is worth mentioning the problem, the existing methods for solving it, concepts, and scientific assumptions on your chosen topic.
  4. Main part. Here you describe and demonstrate the results of your own practical work, always using graphic materials, and trying not to overdo it with specific terms. Still, your work should be accessible to perception, so the ability to explain complex things in an understandable language will be very useful to you here.
  5. Conclusion or final part. Contains the results obtained by the author. This block is devoted to the generalization of the information received and the formation of certain objective conclusions.
  6. Bibliographic list compiled according to college or universities standards and requirements. There may also be other visual materials, such as pictures, diagrams, tables, etc.
  7. The formation of a list of references, it must be designed in accordance with the requirements of the institution or publication for which the work is intended.

Based on the type of research that the author has chosen, practical trials or implementation summaries will be added to the plan. They will need to be published. It is important to understand that, depending on your level and experience, the types of scientific work you will be faced with creating can be very different. For example, in order to move to a new level, a graduate student must write two monographs and one scientific paper, but a candidate in sciences will have to complete much more serious and complex tasks.

What Should be The Study Planning Algorithm?

When the author has described the main goal of his project, you need to paint an action plan, which must be followed in the future when compiling a dissertation work. The main task of research work is to collect and analyze all kinds of materials, information sources, as well as to conduct various experimental studies to obtain the necessary scientific conclusions. In order for all research, as well as work on the project, to be as productive as possible, and in the future to have a positive result, it is very important to draw up a plan according to which future research and work on the project of a scientist or graduate student will take place.

  • The planning algorithm covers the following issues;
  • Selection of the necessary topics;
  • Mastering materials intended for a specific task;
  • The choice of purpose and subject of study;
  • Selection of methods that determine an effective and high-quality way to obtain results.

Describing the planning of his actions, the applicant puts forward a personal hypothesis, which must be confirmed or refuted during his own research.

Should I Check My Plagiarism Score?

The uniqueness score is one of the main considerations when submitting your research proposal. This is important in order to make sure that the student wrote the research proposal on his own, and did not just download it from the Internet. The text of your research proposal is checked by a special uniqueness check service. This may be specified by your university.

Revisions and Proofreading

Before submitting a research proposal, you need to check the work for any errors. This list includes stylistic, punctuation, and spelling errors. It is also necessary to adhere to all the original rules and requirements when checking texts. For writing a research proposal, these rules are provided by the educational institution. Also, the student must adhere to the specified format.

Mistakes to Avoid in Research Proposal Writing

  1. Incorrect wording of the problem and topic. This error is manifested in the use of streamlined and blurry forms, the lack of specifics. The problem and topic of the study should be clearly and clearly stated. The author of the work should understand what is to be studied.
  2. Object and object are confused. This is one of the most common and gross mistakes. The researcher must understand these categories. An object is a specific unit, on the example of which the problem posed earlier is investigated. The subject, on the other hand, is intended to limit the study to specific parameters: properties, characteristics, view (key points, certain aspects), etc.
  3. Unreasoned conclusions. At the end of each subparagraph and chapter, the author must state his point of view and formulate conclusions. It is important that all conclusions are justified, based on specific facts, scientific thoughts, proven theories, etc. Unfounded conclusions are tantamount to rumors, the usual assumption. Lack of evidence is a blunder that can cost disqualification or a reduction in the final grade.
  4. The text is presented in a journalistic style. All requirements for scientific work are indicated in the methodological recommendations. It is important that the material is presented in a scientific style. No other language or manner of presentation is permitted. The use of journalistic or business style is equated with a violation of the rules.
  5. The topic and content of scientific research do not coincide. In this case, the author neglected the topic or misunderstood it and considered completely different concepts, related issues, etc. in the project. It is far from always possible for the researcher to fully consider the problem, to study it from the right angle. Sometimes students deviate from the approved plan, make lyrical digressions in the text, straying from the landmark, the true path. It is important that all subparagraphs and chapters gradually reveal the topic, reflect its essence, key points.

Various Forms of Scientific Research

Based on the type of research project, the plan will differ significantly. A graduate student who wants to delve into science must prepare a master's thesis, while a graduate student needs to write a monograph and two scientific articles. PhDs spend a large amount of time on practical research, publishing abstracts and results of research samples, and implementing discovered discoveries.

The most complex and largest project is the research work. For its implementation, a detailed plan is required, on the basis of which the author selects the desired topic, collects information resources and sources, conducts various studies and experiments, all kinds of tests, draw up the text of the work, checks it, and also receives feedback.

More than one scientist can write a monograph. Under this condition, the plan is also a very important part. It allows you to coordinate actions, work together on a practical part on a single topic, deal with design, as well as select a publication and successfully pass a review.

Example of a detailed study plan

Based on the approved standards, requirements, and the established structure, the undergraduate project planning can be done according to the following model:

  • Description of the introduction;
  • Main part;
  • Final part;
  • Enumeration of the information resources involved in the work;
  • Applications.

The preparation of an abstract for graduate students and candidates of science, the writing of which is mandatory when working on a dissertation, is as follows:

  • Choice of research subject;
  • Use and work with information sources;
  • Selection of the necessary methods for working with the selected topic;
  • Theoretical and practical research;
  • The results of the tests carried out or recommendations for their use;
  • Results forecasting the future development of the subject of study.

Order Research Proposal From Professionals Right Now

Nevertheless, it is scientific work that is the most complex and independent work, so the plan before its creation should be formed in as much detail as possible. If you do not have much experience yet, try to divide the work into as many stages as possible. After all, each of them will not be too difficult to complete, and then it will be possible to put everything together. At the end, you can make a final adjustment and be proud of your work. This structured approach will allow you to save a lot of time and achieve excellent results.

Also, you can contact our specialists. Our professional authors can write a competent and correct research proposal, which will help you to complete the research more easily in the future. You can also see examples of research proposals on our website.

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