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Best Ideas and Topics for a Cause and Effect Essay

We love to complain that professors don't give us an opportunity to choose the topic to write about in an assignment. But then they allow us to pick something ourselves, and yet we still complain!

Why so? Because it is not a piece of cake to create a unique idea with a cause and effect connection that will be easy to write and research. It can be your golden ticket to writing an excellent high-level paper, but it only works if you try really hard to find a good cause-effect essay topic.

Otherwise, you can spend one of your free evenings writing a poor-quality and boring mush of a text. But we cannot leave you suffering instead of hanging out with your friends and participating in exciting activities. That is why we decided to create a list of engrossing essay topics for cause and effect writing.

But first, we want to explain what this kind of essay even is.

This type of college paper is used to find out the reasoning behind and the implications of certain things and events happening. It is the best way to organize your arguments and present your standpoint.

Cause and effect essays are one of the simplest to write. They have a logical structure and follow a general pattern, and you don't need to be overly creative and skilled in writing.

Here are some complimentary tips for students undertaking the task of crafting such a task!

  • Make a structured outline - introduction, thesis, causes, effects, changes, conclusions.
  • Start with a hook and present background information in the introduction part.
  • Create a strong thesis statement - clear structure, the main opinion, no vague words.
  • Organize the supporting points in chronological, categorical, or priority order.
  • Present the arguments and facts from primary sources to make your essay sound powerful.
  • Open the meaning of special terms and definitions, add some examples from your life.
  • You can be funny and connect with readers through personal anecdotes or some interesting statistic.

There are a lot of things one can want to write about. We decided to kill two birds with one stone and sort all our cause and effect essay ideas by different themes.

Nature and Environment Topics

  1. Clogging of the World Ocean contributes to the reduction of fresh water supply.
  2. Deforestation levels increase over the past several years leading to animal species extinction.
  3. Certain fish species going extinct as the result of world water temperature increasing.
  4. The increasing demand as the reason for the depletion of natural resources.
  5. Pollution of the soil leads to the degradation of ground resources, drought, and desertification.
  6. Worldwide poaching and hunting as a reason for the decrease in the wild animal's population.
  7. Wildlands fires considered as a hazard to forest animals and plants species.
  8. Causes and effects of a huge increase in human population in the last hundred years.
  9. The emergence of ozone depletion and its reasons.
  10. Contamination of the near-Earth space environment leads to problems on the planet.
  11. Lack of hydrocarbon energy could be a root of the resource disaster.
  12. Pollution of the environment as an implication of enlarged use of polyethylene.

Global environmental problems are logical consequences of technological advancement and irrational natural resource utilization. The overall ecology situation is extremely dangerous for humanity. It will be essential and valuable research that you can share to inform other people.

Lifestyle and Health Topics

  1. Unfitting and hated work leads to depressions and nervous collapses.
  2. The glut of informational noise in social media leads to apathy and loneliness.
  3. Obesity enabling by large corporations as a reason for malignant diseases and diabetes.
  4. The popularization of modeling leads to anorexia and bulimia.
  5. What effect does social media and the Internet have on kids and teenagers?
  6. What has caused the increase of infertility in advanced countries?
  7. What causes teenagers to commit suicide and attack their schools?
  8. Promotion of the vegetarian lifestyle is the reason for good health level.
  9. Sound sleep causes people to be more active, happy and satisfied.
  10. Child abuse can lead to severe mental disorders further in adulthood.
  11. How does social media affect private and social life?
  12. The consequences of worldwide tourism on education and self-development.
  13. Complexes and lack of self-confidence are the effects of media beauty standards.
  14. Why the indifference and apathy are the diseases of our century?

The central dilemma of modern people is how to maintain a work-life balance, stay athletic and active. Don't be afraid to choose a problematic topic for your cause-effect essay and figure out how to solve the problem.

Knowledge and Education Topics

  1. Learning languages improves memory and IQ score.
  2. Television and social media decrease the mental capacity rate.
  3. Low-qualified teachers cause the appearance of online education and courses.
  4. What was the reason for the hippie culture spreading?
  5. What are the causes of people stealing other's copyrighted content?
  6. Cultural and religious conflicts lead to world wars and violence.
  7. A negative perception of the Millennial generation is the impact of false stereotypes.
  8. Modern art promotion leads to a commercial understanding of art.
  9. Expensive education in college causes a low level of knowledge.
  10. Positive effects of early education and daycare centers.
  11. Influence of pop culture on new artistic movements.
  12. Technological progress leads to students' laziness and low level of motivation.
  13. What is the cause of online courses popularity?
  14. What are the effects of not educating people from developing countries?
  15. What do you think will happen to schools in fifty years?

Students, being in the eye of the educational storm, can make a great contribution to researching these topics. It is your chance to show your arguments and thoughts on education!

Sport and Hobbies Topics

  1. Morning exercise routine causes good physical and mental health.
  2. Extreme sport hobbies lead to traumas and accidents.
  3. Good memory, self-confidence, and stamina is the effect of permanent workout routine.
  4. Creative hobbies as a way to develop your patience and relieve stress.
  5. There are more benefits to do sports outside rather than in a gym.

If you have an athletic scholarship, you probably know a thing or two about sports. Don't hesitate to write about running or working out, because this is an easy essay topic for you to get an A+ immediately!

World and Society Topics

  1. Persistent terrorist acts can lead to WWIII.
  2. Not voting at all is worse than voting for the most damaging candidate.
  3. The increasing level of unemployment cause robbery and looting.
  4. Cause and effect of political news on people's mindset.
  5. Effects of voting and abstaining on the presidential elections.

You may think that political and socioeconomic topics are too dull for you, but your professor will be impressed with such research.

History and Science Topics

  1. What were the causes and effects of the Revolution of 1979?
  2. What would the consequences be if the Civil War had a different ending?
  3. Causes and effects of other planets colonization.
  4. What causes a high level of immigration in the world?
  5. How scientific discoveries impact modern technologies?
  6. Human cloning could lead to the legalization of human trafficking.
  7. What are the effects of slavery on modern society?
  8. Effects of the Berlin Wall demolition.
  9. Effects of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions on global science.
  10. The interconnection between the church and the inquisition.

The world has a long and incredible history, so you can write about anything you desire! Do your research, and eventually, you'll come across the essay topic you like.

But, you should be ready to work through a bunch of legends about historical events and scope out the truth. Think of the number of times the history was rewritten years ago, from kings changing their stories to nature destroying the records. It is fascinating!

As for some last-minute tips, think about this.

You learn about the world from your early childhood, every little happening to you lingering in your mind and soul. Everything around you happens for a reason and always have consequences. Learn to analyze the events and patterns around you to master the craft of making excellent connections and analyzing incoming data.

Train your memory! Download some apps, play board games with your friends, memorize poems, and overall - pay more attention. Take a holistic approach to life and never forget that everything is connected.

Well, we hope this article was helpful, and you already picked the topic for your cause and effect essay. With one of these essay ideas, you will easily write an A-level paper! Take your time and start with in-depth research on your topic, then turn on your favorite song (or some other source on inspiration) and write the best essay ever!

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