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College Essay Topics - 70 Ideas for Creative Writing

On the one hand, the selection of college essay topics is always diverse. The range of prompts you may use to impress the admissions committee or interest the audience in the classroom is wide. Through a college assignment, you can argue for or against a certain idea, show your academic or cultural competence, or turn the readers' attention to serious issues such as health care, man and women roles in society, immigration, etc. Here, everything depends on your imagination and a branch you're majoring in.

But frequently, it is challenging for one to come up with a good topic for a college essay. That's because many topics you may think of have already been heavily exploited. Read the college forums or surf some Web pages - you will find many ideas that someone has already used as their personal essay topics.

For many students, it is important to develop original content and do the actual research instead of replicating somebody else's work. For that, learners learn more about the topic and look for any misconceptions to discuss or something really exciting to shed light on. In college, writing is an opportunity to talk and express your ideas. That's the time when more serious and relevant things can be discussed.

However, in many instances, college students aren't experienced in preparing academic papers or even choosing an essay topic on which the assignment should be written. Also, the professors in many colleges fail to provide their learners with important instructions:

  • What format is used to prepare a college essay?
  • What issues are appropriate for being an argumentative essay topic in college?
  • What are the basic requirements for this essay?
  • Should your thesis statement in this essay be longer than usual?

But everything starts with a topic. Even if you've read the full writing guide on college essays, choosing a topic is the first step to take. Sometimes professors provide a list of prompts to choose from, or students are allowed to come up with their own idea and describe something they want. So, the first tip is - don't be afraid to ask about the topics. This way, you will be confident about what issues are better for using as a basis of your college assignment. But what if you are free to formulate a topic yourself, and there's no idea coming on your mind?

Great College Essay Ideas for You

If you are a student aiming to get a high grade and interest the audience with your college essay, this article is for you. Do you think finding a good theme for writing is a challenge? Below, you will find 70 great college essay topics for any type of writing. We've subdivided those into 10 categories - this way, you can navigate through all the prompts easily. But make sure to know what your audience is interested in. If you're writing for a college admissions board, we recommend rather serious issues that can help develop your personal statement. Or, if you just want to share some interesting thoughts on relevant matters, you can widen your college topics limits and choose something really exciting.

Personal Achievements

Let's start with the basics. If you're thinking about entering college, the purpose of your essay would be to meet the requirements of a college application assignment. That implies topics highlighting your personality and academic competence. Here are some ideas to build your college paper on:

  1. Your progress in academic writing.
  2. The development of your foreign language skills.
  3. Why you deserve to be accepted for a course?
  4. Why will the world become a better place if you keep on working on your accomplishments?
  5. What are your thoughts on higher education? How important is it for our society?
  6. What personal qualities do you have to reach your academic objectives?
  7. What are your long-term strategic goals as a student?

Also, to evaluate yourself better and decide which topics can do the trick, you can try some brainstorming exercises. But be honest, because no one knows you as well as you do.


There are many stereotypes and prejudices in our society. They can become interesting persuasive essay topics for college. We live in a time that is constantly changing, but some ideas remain untouchable. Why is it so? Maybe it's time for a thought-provoking discussion?

  1. Should schools be divided into "feminine" and "masculine"?
  2. Should children be taught about gender variance since middle school?
  3. Is war a perfect solution to any conflict?
  4. Abortions as a statement of women's independence.
  5. The ways sexism and inappropriate behavior affect the workplace environment.
  6. Is money a universal value?
  7. Should colleges make sex education a compulsory course?

Here's a recommendation: not all the controversial college essay topics are perfect for a classroom discussion. So, always make sure to provide enough reasonable evidence.

Gaming and Sports

That's not only about football fans. Sports are a part of our lives, especially for those caring about wellness and a healthy lifestyle. And, if you dig deeper, you may discover a bunch of interesting prompts for your college essay. So, what aspects of our lives can a sport be related to?

  1. What is the essence of the "sport" concept?
  2. Why is it wrong to use doping while participating in international sports competitions?
  3. Victory in sports: how to make it?
  4. Is ageism appropriate in the sports industry?
  5. The idea of sports replacing wars in resolving international conflicts. Suggest a working model realizing this idea.
  6. What sport did you enjoy to play as a child?
  7. Should parents encourage their children to go in for sports and make their hobbies more active?

Sometimes, you can start with sports and make it a transition to the issues everyone should consider.

Fun Topics

Academia is not only about formal writings - there should be a place for fun! But, don't overdo with that - a simple college essay topic can be enough to get a smile out of your readers.

  1. If my aunt had been a man, would she have been my uncle?
  2. Perfect ways of getting good grades without studying.
  3. How to cheat your parents in the most innocent manner?
  4. Collecting things that don't exist: a working model of killing time.
  5. The best way to break up with all of your friends.
  6. A working model of comparing human IQ with that of a bird.
  7. Flying high without falling low: the choice between dreaming and doing.

So, can you notice something funny about everyday things?

Personal Fortune

The way you perceive a win or a failure may tell a lot about your personality. Here are some ideas you can dwell on:

  1. Why is it good to belong to the gender you belong to?
  2. How to make things work out your way?
  3. How to win a lottery?
  4. How to earn a living without dedicating one's life to it.
  5. Preventing bad things from happening.
  6. Choosing the perfect acquaintances for a lucky life.
  7. Playing interest games: how not to lose a fortune?

Maybe one of our suggestions will become your four-leaf clover?

Traveling and Volunteering

Are you an avid traveler? Then, the following topics for a college essay can inspire you:

  1. What is the perfect way of traveling?
  2. What does traveling mean for you?
  3. Why is it worthwhile to become a volunteer?
  4. Do we volunteer to help others or our own selves?
  5. Does illegal immigration affect the traveling industry?
  6. What is the place your dream destination is located in?
  7. How would you like to help other people around the globe?

Even if those prompts won't inspire your audience to make an around the globe trip, they let you share your best experiences.

Ambitions and Feelings

It's OK to expose your emotions. Being open toward the reader, you boost your chances of being understood. Look through the following topics to find some inspiration:

  1. What ambitions do you have in academic life?
  2. Is it good to have strong ambitions?
  3. What does it take to express yourself?
  4. How do you distinguish yourself from the crowd?
  5. Is it important to emphasize your uniqueness?
  6. Can you express your personality through the cloths of mass production?
  7. Doesn't an attempt to express yourself distract you from personal development?

Here, be careful - don't make an entire essay all about yourself.

Law and Legacy

In the real world, we can hardly see the issues showed in TV-series. What are the problems a law is fighting against?

  1. Can a robbery be justified?
  2. How many times can you compromise the law before you become a criminal?
  3. Can a criminal have a legal life?
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of the existing penitentiary system.
  5. Should prostitution be legalized?
  6. What are the disadvantages of a ban on drugs?
  7. Relations between the law and personal freedom.

Are you risky enough to prepare an essay on one of those topics?

The Milestones of Life

Have you an accomplishment that can be a perfect basis for a college assignment? We're sure you do! Here are the aspects of life you can write about in your essay:

  1. What role do parents play in your life?
  2. Would you like your children to have the kind of childhood you used to have?
  3. How to choose a perfect spouse - is there a universal solution?
  4. What is your brightest high school memory?
  5. Is it better to live in a big city or a small town?
  6. Describe your favorite path. Is there a path you enjoy walking the most?
  7. Describe your best friend. What does it take to be your best friend?
  8. As you can see - a milestone is not always something magnificent and significant.

Life's Tragic Pages

There are topics many students prefer to avoid, but it doesn't mean they are prohibited. You can make statements about sad chapters of one's life or dwell on the ways of perceiving negative experiences.

  1. Euthanasia and controversies about it.
  2. How to overcome grief after the death of a close friend?
  3. Describe the most tragic moment in your life.
  4. What would you characterize as the most tragic event in the entire human history during the last century?
  5. What are the bright sides of the tragic events?
  6. The lessons you may learn. How to develop oneself instead of being upset with life and faith?
  7. What is your greatest fear? What can you do to avoid or fight it?

These are only a few fresh ideas for your college essay topics. We hope our suggestions will help you come up with a relevant assignment or inspire you to formulate a perfect topic yourself.

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