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How to Write a Term Paper - Find the Best Guideline Here!

Term papers, essays, dissertations, coursework, reviews, and reports - all these and a lot more types are very familiar to all college and university students who regularly face academic writing tasks throughout their studies. These assignments occupy a prominent place in the education process due to many reasons. They are an excellent way to evaluate student's comprehension of the subject, their ability to think critically and put thoughts into words. Academic writing assignments require students to process literature pieces, and additional sources to make their own, unbiased conclusions based on the material they have studied. In some specific cases, they have to be able to support a particular point of view, debate it or provide facts to refute it.

Depending on the writing assignment, the writers have to follow requirements specific to the type. It might sound not that difficult at first. However, as soon as you start writing - the obstacles appear. Most students don't have enough experience and writing skills to provide high-quality papers. That's why our writing service decided to help anyone who's facing troubles with academic writing. We prepared the guideline which will come in handy if you want to know how to write a term paper.

What is a term paper? - Let's make it clear

A term paper is a kind of research paper which students are required to write at the end of the semester. A term paper is aimed to track student's knowledge and comprehension of the whole course. In most cases, professors have the following expectations: a well-structured, fully supported and logically built paper, which reflects the student's knowledge of the term.

A term paper accounts for a large part of the overall grade for the course. That's why term papers are considered to be a significant GPA influencer. It is one of the favorite tasks they like to give in college. Hand students an assignment to write a term paper, and you will see how industrious they are and how serious their attitude to your subject has been during the semester. In a way, it is better to examine students through this assignment than organize tests and quizzes.

Although most often people consider a term paper to be a research-based task, not every kind of term paper involves academic research and not every research paper is a term paper. All these nuances make term paper writing complicated, to say the least. General student's unawareness of all details and pitfalls of academic writing are the main reason why they struggle with it.

Our writing service wants to change this situation. That is why we decided to provide a few term paper tips to help every student who wants to evolve and improve his/her writing skills. If you are one of these students, consider reading our article to the end to find out about average term paper length, format requirements and more useful details that will come in handy!

If you take time to do the research - you're halfway to success!

If you decide to write a term paper on your own, then we want you to understand one of the main things here - you will need to work hard to write a great term paper and not a hardly mediocre one. That is not an easy task, but it is doable. The lion's share of term paper writing is occupied by research. You need to take time to research your topic. That includes studying all notes you made during the classes, reading numerous literature sources, searching for articles on the Internet and, in general, spending quite a lot of time researching. It is the foundation which determines the future outcome.

If you try your best with the research, you can be sure that your paper will be excellent. Of course, you might not know everything you studied during the program. There isn't a person who knows enough to write a term paper without any additional sources. That is why your success depends precisely on the research. The more information you find - the easier it is going to be to support your statement, provide reliable facts and convince the reader. We surely advise paying considerable attention to this step. Don't neglect to research, and excellent results won't keep you waiting.

Choose term paper topics wisely

This idea doesn't work for those who have no opportunity to choose a topic for their paper. However, if you are given the privilege of making such a choice - don't take any chances. Your term paper topic defines the whole direction you take while writing. Take a wrong turn here will result in a reduced mark. That's a thing to take into consideration when you are about to start working.

Right term paper topics create the field of possibilities to open an eager and fair discussion. You can play around the central idea in every possible way. Good topics make the readers think that your paper is worthy of being read to the very last letter. Whoever reading your work should become curious to know how it is going to develop and unwind further. Thus, choosing the right topic is a crucial step to take. What is more, it should be interesting for you as well. You should, at least, like what you're writing about. Otherwise, the whole process will be an arduous struggle for you.

To make the right choice, you can first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this topic interesting to the reader and me?
  • Does the topic fit the requirements and subject?
  • Will I be able to find enough useful information about it?
  • Will it be useful for me in the future?
  • Is it relevant?

We are more than sure that if you answer all these questions, you will be able to choose a perfect topic!

After you choose a topic for your term paper, you might want to move to a term paper thesis statement choosing. But, it would be a mistake. A term paper thesis statement is a small but vital part of the paper which includes a summary of what your term paper is going to discuss, which point of view you are going to support or refute. It would be easier for you to choose it after you have written the whole thing because, then, you will get a better idea of the final version of your term paper.

Create a term paper outline - don't make your life more complicated

Dealing with term paper writing, most students tend to forget about this step. They try to write the paper straight after the research is done or even without any investigation. Of course, everyone has their own methods and approach to paper writing, but, being experts in academic writing, we can say with confidence that skipping the step of outline writing is a big mistake. Why? Let us try to explain.

The outline is created once the topic has been chosen. It allows the author to highlight all main points, organize the overall structure of the paper and summarize core ideas. It resembles a map which guides writers during the actual writing and doesn't allow them to "stray" from the path. It's hard for a person to keep everything in mind, especially when it comes to term paper writing.

A term paper is a voluminous piece of work which consists of many parts, paragraphs, and points. Once you research your topic, generate the ideas through brainstorming, it's wise to make an outline which will help you keep everything together. You might have plenty of ingenious ideas for your paper, but if you have no framework, you might squander some of them.

By human nature, everyone has a so-called filter in their brain, which prevents us from going crazy at times. Imagine people with an ability to memorize everything they see, hear and feel every day? They will lose their minds because it is too much information to handle. Whatever our brain considers being non-essential or redundant is slowly pushed to the back of your mind and then erased. That is why it's essential to write down everything you want to include in your term paper writing. A good outline is a tool which will help you with this.

An outline is information structuring for everything crucial you are going to include in your paper. It is a plan which makes everything clear and easier to understand. It is a backbone which helps you do your best with term paper writing. It is a core that makes your thoughts logically intertwine into a well-crafted blueprint.

Spent a little bit of extra time creating the outline and, believe it or not, you will never regret your decision. If you wonder how to write a term paper outline, we can advise you to follow the next order:

  • Determine the main idea - the purpose of your work.
  • Write down your thesis statement.
  • Brainstorm the ideas you gathered from the research.
  • Organize your thoughts into groups which have a connection between one another.
  • Try to put your groups in the right order.
  • Don't be afraid of letting others help you with the outline. Ask your professor or group mates.
  • Review, proofread and correct. Take time to glance through your outline a couple of times. Don't hesitate to make changes. The more you try to improve your outline - the better your term paper becomes.

In short, a good outline can become your great assistant in term paper writing. It might save your ideas, help you feel confident during the actual writing and give you extra time, which you would have to waste trying to put everything together without a proper outline.

How to start a term paper - let the writing process begin!

One of the biggest mistakes many students do is procrastination. When you start writing a term paper, the earlier you begin, the better your term paper will come out. If you don't want a mediocre result, don't postpone everything until the last few days. Dedicate some time every now and again, and you'll gradually achieve your goal. Pay attention to quality, not quantity. "A lot" doesn't mean "good." So if you make an effort every day, you'll get amazing results.

Another important thing is to be very attentive when you start writing the paper. Study all the requirements carefully. Very often students neglect the recommendations given by their professors. If you don't take time to read through all details like requirements and preference, you might fail to meet the expectations of the professor. Of course, you may say something like "there are general standards for a term paper, so why should I care about anything else?" and do everything by these general standards. Indeed, there are common requirements and instructions, but don't forget that there is always some room for additional requirements. These standards are the foundation which should be strictly followed, but nobody forbids your professors from adding preferences they want to see in your term paper. Check out all the details of the assignments and don't neglect anything. Your professors will be delighted to see that you follow given recommendations to the letter. They will definitely appreciate your diligent attitude. And even if you have some imperfections in your term paper - they will turn a blind eye to these mistakes.

A good way to start a term paper is to come up with the title first. The cover page is what your professors are going to see when they start checking the task, so try your best to make a good one. If you create an interesting title page, you can be sure your readers will be curious to read everything to the very end.

What is more, make sure you have prepared everything you need for writing. This step includes not only sifting through the books and articles but also having a clear understanding of what you are going to do. You should gather your thoughts first to write a high-quality paper. If you get distracted all the time, if there is a mess in your head - you will not be able to focus on writing. Free your mind from everything besides your term paper. Leave all worries, thoughts, and responsibilities behind. Now it's only you and your term paper. Believe it or not, your term paper will appreciate such self-dedication!

Let's see what a proper term paper structure is

Term paper structuring is time- and energy-consuming task. A term paper itself is a lengthy paper which consists of many chapters, paragraphs and other units. Every structure subunit has a specific style and requirements. If you wonder how to structure a term paper, then the information below will come in handy.

The basic structure of the term paper can be the following:

  • Term paper cover page. It is the first page of your term paper which includes such details as the title, you name, your professor's name, and the department you study at. This page has specific style requirements, and in most cases, all information should be placed in the middle of the page.
  • Table of contents. Here you should include the list of all chapters with corresponding page numbers. This part is created to make it easier to find a particular section the reader wants to see. As it was mentioned above, a term paper is a large manuscript. It will take time to search for something specific without a table of contents.
  • Term paper abstract. This section summarizes the principal elements and points of your term paper. It's a short description of what you are going to discuss. You should also indicate which methods you used while researching your term paper and the relevance of your topic.
  • Introduction. Here you should explain the significance of the problem you chose to discuss. If you don't know how to start a term paper introduction, we advise you to begin by simply giving general information about your topic, subject and why you consider your problem relevant. The rest can be added later on.
  • The body of a term paper. It is the biggest part of your term paper which includes all primary information.
  • Term paper conclusions/results. This is the culmination of the term paper where you state the findings of your research. You provided all facts and details in the body part, and here you conclude whether you were able to prove or refute the point.
  • Discussion. Explain what your opinion about the results is. Try to discuss what has led you to these results, and what can be done later as further research on the topic.
  • Bibliography (or the list of your literature sources). Here you state all sources you used during the research and writing. Every time the author uses information from external sources, he or she should reference in the bibliography section of the term paper.

Short guideline on how to write a term paper proposal

To write a term paper proposal, the writer should have a chosen topic, a working title and a clear understanding of what he or she is going to write. The purpose of the proposal is to summarize the term paper into a short description so that the professor can have a brief look at it and tell the writer what to change and what to keep. In this way, the term paper author can apply the recommended adjustments to the final variant of the paper. In other words, you should be able to defend your topic and convince the professor that your term paper has academic weight.

The term paper proposal should include the following:

  • The title
  • Objectives. Here you explain what you are trying to prove or disprove in your term paper. You define what you want to find out through this research, and what your research question is.
  • Thesis statement. Give a brief description of what your term paper is about.
  • Methodology. Let your professor know what methods you are going to use in order to examine your topic. If there is a specific source of information you want to use as a foundation, don't forget to include it. In case your source of information is not reliable of legitimate, your professor will tell you to change it.
  • Outline. Indicate the information about how many sections you want to have in our term paper and what each part is about.

Your term paper proposal should explain the significance of the topic and should state what contribution you are going to make with your research. What is more, it is wise to make a list of the references you plan to use in the paper. Explain how you want to collect and present raw data from the articles, books, journals, interview, etc. There are many examples of term paper proposals available online so that you can always find an excellent example to follow.

Which term paper format is correct?

The Internet is filled with hundreds of different pages which tell about term paper formats, styles, etc. They give similar information because in most cases, all writers follow a general, standardized format. Here, most requirements are related to the length and citation style. Of course, there is no specific number of pages to use, but it definitely shouldn't be five pages long or include too many pages like a dissertation. There is a golden middle for your term paper, and we are more than sure your professor would love to help you with it. Don't hesitate to contact your instructors and find out about an approximate number of pages they expect to see in your term paper.

When it comes to correct citation style to use, you should always remind yourself of how significant this part is. If you reference in a wrong way - be ready for the troubles. If you forget to cite a book, you used in your research, or you just copy-paste information from somewhere else, you might be accused of plagiarism. Check the requirements of your professor before citing the sources. If you use APA (American Psychological Association) term paper format for the citations, then you should make sure you include the publication name, date and location. You may also be required to use MLA (Modern Language Association) paper format which is relevant if you study liberal arts and humanities.

As you probably understood from the text above, there are two standard formats used in term paper writing: APA term paper format and MLA term paper format. To find more details about both formats you can go online. There are plenty of websites which give an in-depth description of how to format a term paper.

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