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Problem Solution Essay on Bullying Outline - Writing Examples

Being a student, you may know what bullying is. High school learners face this problem more than anyone else and understand how it feels to be face down in the dirt.

Bullying is a situation when a person is being hurt either by words or physical actions, and it is done intentionally. Usually, the bully puts other kids (teens, or adults) down to make themselves feel better. So, according to many research projects, the bullies have some psychological issues initially, unlike their victim, who may start experiencing mental problems after the acts of harassment. Some call it misbehavior while other experts define bullying as a severe juvenile crime.

Such a form of harassment is not punished on a legal level, but in your problem and solution essay, you may speculate on what can be done to ensure that bullying is prevented or reduced in cases amount.

Problem Solution Essay on Bullying - Defining the Issue

Before observing the issue in-depth and offering specific measures to be taken, it is critical to distinguish between various types of harassment. You can pick one of them to discuss in your essay about bullying or try to offer solutions to all the forms. And, that may be a time-consuming process.

So, there are two groups of issues. The following actions are mental or physical harassment:

  • Hitting
  • Harming
  • Fighting
  • Beating down
  • Pushing
  • Shoving
  • Yelling at victim
  • Tripping
  • Making rude gestures
  • Harming one's property
  • Stealing another person's things

As for the emotional harassment, we can name the following cases:

  • Making laugh of someone
  • Offending the victim intentionally
  • Name-calling or catcalling
  • Beginning rumors
  • Making a person feel uncomfortable or sad
  • Sending mean messages
  • Cyberbullying

The last two situations practically mean the same but cyberbullying is a general notion that includes all the issues named above. But, no matter what type of harassment you witness, there is no good excuse for such actions.

It is difficult to get rid of the consequences of harassment on both mental and sometimes physical levels. Statistics show that there is a rise in cases involving this activity with each new year: more and more children and young people suffer from bullying. Mostly, it's "academic" harassment (in schools or colleges). Such cases pop up anywhere, and not only kids are the victims - people of any age are affected as well. And, the possibility of bullying being spread online makes it even more difficult to solve or prevent.

Problem Solution Essay on Bullying: Outline

The primary goal of this essay is to prove that bullying is not okay. It is neither "cool" nor acceptable. A problem solution essay is an academic writing assignment that requires a student to analyze the issue and its importance as well as considering the relevant ways to overcome it or reduce its negative impact. It may remind you of a cause and effect essay, but here, you have to come up with practical decisions and ways of solving the problem.

You should address the problem and discuss the ways to minimize its risks or get rid of it completely. And, a good outline is what can help you organize your thoughts well and build a coherent text where all the ideas are laid out step-by-step and lead to the logical conclusion. So, take the topic that you have to write an essay on, brainstorm it, and pick the main concepts you want to focus on.

Your final outline may look the following way:

  1. Introduction
    • Attention grabber.
    • Problem introduction.
    • Thesis statement.
  2. Body paragraphs
    • Topic sentence 1 → Support → Examples.
    • Topic sentence 2 → Support → Examples.
    • Topic sentence 3 → Support → Examples.
  3. Conclusion
    • Paraphrased thesis statement.
    • Summary of the main claims.
    • Another hook to make the reader think about the issue themselves.

Now, let's make think of the example based on this template.

  • Dwell on the importance of bullying prevention.
    • The fact about high school bullying (perfectly with statistics) that will surprise the reader.
    • That is an issue that not may not only ruin the life of a student but spoil our society.
    • For a problem not to develop dramatically, school officials and parents have to take relevant measures.
  • What can be done to solve the bullying problem effectively?
    • Incorporate activities that will help students get to know each other and become friends in the academic curriculum.
    • Organize psychological sessions with students and parents to find out the hotspot issues and work with those.
    • Implement punishments for severe cases for a bully to understand the consequences of their actions.
  • The bullying problem can be solved if approached attentively and diligently.
    • Dwell on the effectiveness of the solutions offered, provide statistics or recall the already mentioned facts.
    • State that such violence is common not only elsewhere but in your school too, and that is a problem that may affect every one of us.
    • Ask a question. Maybe a reader witnessed a bullying act and did nothing about it?

Of course, remember that each of the points should be supported appropriately.

Writing a Paper on Cyberbullying

You may decide to cover another critical topic related to bullying which is cyberbullying, attacking victims online with computers and online devices, etc. If you select a topic dealing with online issues, we recommend defining the term first. Here are the aspects you can focus on:

  1. Leaving negative feedback/comments about the victim.
  2. Sending mean messages or emails.
  3. Supporting the author who posts something negative about someone.
  4. Writing something that is hostile or not true.
  5. Submitting/posting images that don't belong to you.
  6. Stealing one's private information or identity.
  7. Spreading rumors online.

The issue of cyberbullying is even more common for society today, and that gives you a wide spectrum of topics to analyze and emphasize.

How to Prevent High School Bullying?

After the problem solution essay on bullying outline, we would like to offer you an example of a writing prompt. Look through the text below. That is what can help you a) understand the importance of a starting point in your essay and b) see the ideas to focus on that can be a basis for an outline.

"The fact that almost 50% of kids in grades 4-12 experience being bullied by others minimum once during a single month should make both teachers and parents worried. And, in the best-case scenario, effective preventive measures should be taken.

As a victim of school harassment, one can take certain measures too to lessen the harm to their mental health and stop bullying from spreading. A person should define their strengths and focus on them instead of being constantly afraid.

When witnessing bullying, it is critical to report on this offensive act to one of the school officials instead of keeping silent - here, every word matters and one can't stay silent. Talking to the qualified psychologist and sharing the details (no matter how difficult it might be) can also help.

It is essential to take away the bully's opportunity to control the victim's emotions. It is frequently said that adding humor to the situation is one of the most effective techniques when it comes to the emotional harassment Letting parents know may also work, but still, it is better to share with a professional first.

These measures can significantly decrease the number of violent cases in schools. But what's more important is that being bullying-proof isn't enough. Our society faces a problem of not deciding on how to avoid this problem but finding effective solutions that will help to get rid of this harassment forever. "

If everything still seems a bit complicated or requires more time than you can invest, you can request our professional writers online. They are ready to write an essay from scratch at a reasonable price and will help you end up with relevant work.

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