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Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

How to Write a Scholarship Essay: Winning Writing Guide with Tips and Examples

When it comes to applying for scholarships for high school seniors, many students get stuck with this mission. At this stage, as a student, you have to write a paper that can change your academic life dramatically. But the issue is that most of the learners have no idea how to write a scholarship essay. It's not just about proper vocabulary and grammar. Apart from following general academic writing standards, here, you need to come up with winning scholarship essays and present yourself as a perfect candidate. So, what are the rules to remember to be noticed by a committee?

We have prepared this guide with scholarship essay tips from experts, where all the do's and don'ts are analyzed. It is simple but informative. Here, you will find guidelines, essay topics, and recommendations that can come in handy. Just follow the advice of experts and stick to the motto, "I deserve this scholarship!"

5 Main Scholarship Essay Tips

Before we move on to the organizational aspects and specific parts of your essay for a scholarship, let's have a look at the most effective recommendations that can help you deal with this paper:

  1. Read the prompt several times. While reading it, consider the main questions you need to answer.
  2. Manage your time. The writing process can be grueling — learn to dedicate enough time to prepare a complete statement and avoid expressing chaotic thoughts about everything.
  3. Revise and reconsider. Never hurry up to submit the paper as soon as you're ready with it: review your essay for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary errors. If you realized that there are coherency and redundancy issues in your work, it's better to rewrite it diligently.
  4. Sell yourself. Focus on your strengths. If you would like to share some weaknesses to describe the specific experience, try to put them in a good light. For example, tell how you got rid of some shortcomings.
  5. Intrigue a reader. Leave a lasting positive impact using some techniques discussed in this article.

Now, it's time to analyze the scholarship system requirements and discuss relevant essay instructions.

How to Write a Scholarship Essay?

As it is mentioned above, your paper should not be just good — it should be the best. In the academic world, there are various methods to make you stand out from the crowd and show that you are a hard worker and a competent student. From the beginning of this scholarship essay, you should understand your main task. Depending on whether you aim to get a fund for education abroad or receive money for your independent research, you may focus on different issues in your writing. There are some questions answering which can help you with finding good ideas and formulating appropriate questions:

  • What is the way in which I can solve the problem of education in my community?
  • How can the conducting of my own investigation or study help in developing a certain area?
  • When I get the scholarship, what are my educational priorities?
  • What qualities I have to be a perfect candidate?
  • Is there something that I learned that made me want to make something innovative and important?
  • How can getting funds from the committee contribute not only to my education but to finding solutions to crucial issues?

The answers you get may help to find your advantages and strengths as a candidate.

Another point to discuss in detail is an organization of your assignment.

Selecting a Scholarship Essay Format

Some students ask how to format a scholarship essay as they believe it has a structure different from the rest of the writings. It is true that an essay always has a standard general structure. However, the number of body paragraphs, as well as their headings, depends on the choice of the essay writer.

We recommend formatting/organizing your X word scholarship essay using the tips below:

  1. Introduction
    • Mention your full name.
    • State the scholarship title you're applying for.
    • Grab the reader's attention with one of the conversational hooks.
    • Paraphrase the main idea of the prompt.
  2. Obstacle
    • Describe an essential challenge in your life.
    • Explain the way you made it through.
  3. Academic and career objectives
    • Name your current academic goals.
    • Explain the reasons to select this funding opportunity.
    • Explain why you have chosen this specific area.
    • Tell the committee officer how getting this opportunity may be useful for your studies.
  4. List the long-term career goals
    • Explain your strategy and your main steps if you get the funding.
    • Show how the scholarship can help in achieving your career goals and boost the possible development of certain areas.
  5. Conclusion
    • Make your final statement.

Remember: A lack of confidence is your number one rival, so try to sound persuasive. You should know what you want from life to make the committee see it too.

How to Start a Scholarship Essay?

Many applicants wonder how to start a scholarship essay introduction for it to be a powerful attention-grabber. If you fail to capture the reader's attention from the opening lines, you may forget about your scholarship. Sad but true.

Your introduction should contain some kind of hook. For that, consider including one of the following types starting sentences:

  • Rhetorical question — when you pose a question that doesn't require a specific answer.
  • Fact or statistics — make sure to introduce only credible and relevant information.
  • Joke recalling — a smart anecdote related to the topic.
  • A literary device — metaphor, simile, allegory, etc.
  • Quote — it can be a literary quote or quotation of a famous person.

Your opening sentence should be engaging enough to make the admissions board WANT to read your paper from cover to cover. You are lucky even if you make them read your introduction and conclusion. That is one of the secrets of writing winning scholarship essays.

Brainstorming is another key to success. Put down all intersecting ideas before writing your paper and select those sounding the best.

An introductory paragraph should be engaging and brief. Don't copy-paste the entire prompt — analyze the central questions of essay topics and explain its importance. You can also break down the major question into several parts. There can be more than one of those, so highlight the questions correctly. Use a thesaurus to enrich your vocabulary — here, word selection matters.

If you look through a good scholarship essay example, you can see there's no direct explanation of why one deserves to win. So, you may emphasize enjoying studying and express your great intentions concerning your studies that you want to get funding for.

The general advice is to start in your own voice, avoiding writing about yourself as a friend of yours.

How to End a Scholarship Essay and Make an Impression

Developing a conclusion is an art. By the end of your paper, you can make the admission committee vote up or vote down your application. Having a good and concise closing paragraph helps to be understood.

With the following tips we hope to make your conclusion writing stress-free:

  1. Dialogue. Involve a dialogue in case you've been appreciated or praised for something related to the field of your study.
  2. Action. To intrigue the reader, you may finish your story with the action you took before something necessary should have happened.
  3. Description. Want to create a more comprehensive view of things? Focus on what matters in your paper, and write about it using detailed descriptions or emotions.
  4. Reference. You may address the educational institution directly in your last paragraph. Explain how you plan to contribute to the solution of specific problems with the help of a scholarship.
  5. Circle. You may choose to go full circle, finishing by talking to your audience. For instance, you may ask a question from the introduction of your writing.

8 Best Scholarship Essay Prompts

The last thing to discuss is the possible scholarship essay questions that you may face. The best practice is trying to respond to them in advance so that you are armed to the teeth!

  1. How will your scholarship contribute to your long-range education or career goals?
  2. What are the most urgent problems your area is facing nowadays?
  3. Think about the significance of your studies.
  4. What is the biggest threat to the environment today? Can we manage those?
  5. Select a debatable issue on college campuses and offer several solutions.
  6. Why do you want to occupy a specific post in your life?
  7. What is your future profession? What do you do to succeed with it?
  8. Will the theory of industry remain the same in the upcoming decade?

We hope that this guide on how to write a scholarship essay was helpful. And, remember you can always cooperate with our academic writers if you have any trouble with your assignments.

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