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  • Essay writers: how to cite a book with APA style
  • Essay writers: how to cite a book with APA style

  • Posted: Sunday Mar 31, 2013
  • It is common for essay writers to use different citation styles when they want to settle with suitable results. This is the reason why they need to familiarize with reliable citing sources in order to adhere with the latest changes. Currently, the sixth edition in citing APA style is in use in different areas of writing essays. This mostly applies in school assignments and presentation papers. It is important for one to know the correct methods to list and cite the book using this style since it allows easy reference, proofing, and verification of details when the examiner wants to authenticate the right sources. This style places in different levels of learning institutions all over the globe, and every update has minor changes.

    Areas of focus when using APA style

    It is important to know the correct citation methods, making it easier for the reader to trace the details. Some of the elements essay writers need to know include:
    • Information of the author - this includes the name of the author, and in cases of multiple authors, it is important to list all details. In an example, it should appear as, (West Hartford, CT)
    • Details of the publisher - this includes the name of the publisher who was involved in the entire publication of the book one is using to refer. When going through bibliographic data, it becomes easier to notice these details, usually listed next to the place where it was published, as in the example, Pipeline Publishers.
    • Place of publication - this includes the city, or country where the publisher is listed. Many people usually confuse this and enter the nationality of the author. When you find the book has not listed the place of publication, you need to research on the publisher and find their location online as in an example, New Jersey:
    • Year of publication - this is normally indicated after the name of the author and you only need to quote the latest date when using the new editions. In cases of older editions, you need to list the exact date of publication, (1999)
    • Title of the book - this includes the heading listed on the front page. Some have long titles and others have shorter ones. This is the main identity of the book and it becomes easier for one to search for the details online or using the library catalogue. This is mostly listed in italics when quoting. In an example, The coming of World War II.

    Placement of APA style details

    With different styles of citing reference, it becomes complex for one to follow the right channel. You only need to follow the laid down aspects and know where to place them. Once you have the outline, it becomes easier to fix everything from year of publication, to publisher and the title easily in the reference section. The current mode of presenting the APA style for essay writers includes:
    (Author, A. A. (Year published). Name of Book. Location Published: Publisher.)
    This format is simple and easy to follow for different writers. In an example from a book citation point of view, the format resembles:
    Fingerman, E. R., & Smith, J. (1999). The great one. Chatham, New Jersey: Pipeline Publishers.
    It is important to notice the placement of italics, semicolons, colons, full stops, capital letters in the first words, and opening and closing marks. These are the guiding rules failure to which, they do not count as the APA format for book citation.

    In text citations

    APA allows essay writers to cite while writing the essay. This is important when paraphrasing or indicating the book used to get the information listed. When there are multiple writers, one needs to use the alphabetical listing starting with the last name of the author, and one letter to represent other names. In an example, (West Hartford, CT)
    When placing the essay using this format, the first page lists the details of the student or person writing the essay, which makes it appealing and presentable. Most prefer using
    • Font 12 size
    • Times New Roman
    • Single word spacing
    • Double line spacing
    Importance of using this format style
    • Easy to trace
    • Easy to apply
    • Suitable for multiple authors
    • Lists all bibliographic details
    • Easy to translate reference details while reading text
    • Applies in research, schoolwork, and other areas of citation all over the globe.
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