• Academic writing tips: what are the differences between an essay and a research paper?

  • Posted: Monday Jul 01, 2013
  • Academic writing is informatics, which gives worthful information to readers. It has one main theme with supporting concepts. It is the standard form of language written in books and being studied in schools and colleges. It is written by some scholars for students as well as professionals to give valuable information. It is free from any type of errors. It is written in friendly language. It consists of logical thinking, arguments, evidence and supportive theories. It is written for academic community.
    It may be a research paper, which provides relevant information, data, and abstract of previous work or survey or research work. It is the comprehensive interpreting of a topic. It is argumentative paper, which supports evidences and research theories with good analysis reports.
    It differs from essay because essay is a concise piece of writing covering daily life's topics and problems. These problems may be political, social or literary criticism etc. Essays are written for public. The essay is reproduction of exiting theories and opinions.

    Academic writing should have following points

    1. It should not contain repetitions of same sentence or same ideas.
    2. It should be well written in line of basic statement given in article and every part of this assignment should support major argument of article.
    3. It should be free from digressions and should not wander from the main theme of an article.
    4. Language should be precise and adequate.

    Academic writing tips

    1. Keep in mind readership while writing academic papers.
    2. Write well-defined purpose of your writing.
    3. The structure of article should be clear and well organised.
    4. Do not use emotional language in academic writing.
    5. All parts of writing should be stated for main thesis rather than writing for useless things.
    6. Do not add useless things that are irrelevant to the basic theme of your writing.
    7. Article should be original and reasonably interesting.
    8. You should include reasonable and evident proof to convince a person who is against your viewpoints.
    9. If there are objections, you should answer them intellectually.
    10. Choose your evidence with lots of care.
    11. Do not use only summary but also include details of every aspect.
    12. If your customer asks for summary, then provide valuable and sufficient summary.
    13. Use quotations carefully if needed.
    14. Write article in your own words. Copy of already existing content is totally prohibited. Provide logical description in your paper writing.
    15. Sentences should be concise and style should be straightforward.
    16. The first paragraph of article should include main idea of your topic.
    17. The last paragraph should contain conclusion of whole description provided in your article.
    18. Paper must never be too narrow or too long. It ought to be reasonably appropriate as per instructions.

    Academic writing structure

    Your academic assignment should involve three major structures.
    • Introduction
    • Central text or Main text
    • End structure


    It is the starting of your article. In this paragraph, you should write background information for purpose of your writing and define your basic theme of the article. In starting paragraph, explain your purpose of writing and main theme of your article.

    Main text

    Central text is the explanation in details of all your main points and ideas and concept with proper lineament of arguments and evidences about your information, work, or ideas. It contains some statistics or data with their interpretations and theories. It includes following:
    • Description of your theme
    • Evidences supporting your theme
    • Data or statistics of any research work
    • Previous work done by any scholar in your theme
    • Logical reasoning

    End structure

    This is the conclusion structure written at the end of an article. It may be a brief note for a reader, which revises basic title of an article.
    As per above descriptions, research paper is entirely different from essay writing. Research paper includes evidence based study while your essay may cover anything around us. Research paper needs professional skills of writing but essay can be written by anyone who is interested in writing. Essay covers general topics, which are not being studied in colleges or schools, but research paper is for education purposes in schools and universities. The main difference between these two academic papers is that research paper contains useful information and logical reasoning which helps to invent a problem and its solution, while essay does not include these things. Essay contains writer's own opinions, which reflect his own understanding.
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