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Wednesday Dec 18, 2019

Types of Students Classification Essay — Writing Guide with Examples

A classification essay's primary goal is to categorize ideas, characters, or objects with shared traits into specific classes. Most frequently, such paper is assigned at the college level. The classification essay writing involves in-depth research. You have to consider the features or categories that are the basis of your classification and make sure they are related to each of the subject matters.

When choosing classification essay topics, remember that you aren't limited in options. You may write about every aspect of our lives if its elements can be classified — that can be a classification essay about:

  • Food (tastes, ways of cooking, energy value)
  • Music (genres, band/one artist, ideas emphasized in lyrics)
  • Movies (genres, duration, cast, special effects used)
  • Types of students (performance in middle school, high school, or college)
  • Depending on the given topic, you should pick an appropriate organizing principle. This way, if you're writing a "Types of students" classification essay, focusing on the learners' hair color or height will be a wrong approach.

    Guide and Tips for Classifying

    Classification and division essay needs a specific writing strategy. It's not a compare-contrast assignment. Here, you have to look for common principles and features that will help to perceive a group (of people, movies, songs, etc.) as a whole. However, students will benefit from developing several compare and contrast tables to see what aspects can unite and classify the subjects that sometimes appear to be absolutely different.

    In our guide, we would like to focus on the classification essay content. But for that, we have to decide on the topic first. As a high school or college student, you are probably completely immersed in academic life. You understand what kind of learners your college pals are and what your own attitude to education is. Hence, in our samples and guidelines, we want to focus on a preferred stock classification solution we've mentioned before — "Types of students" classification essay.

    High School and College Students Classification Essay

    Before we move to our free essay sample, you should mind the basic tips on how to write a good classification assignment. Let's recall its main steps:

    1. Collect ideas and decide on a topic.
      You have to understand what subjects you are going to classify in your writing. That can be people, characters, cars, sports, food, etc.
    2. Develop a thesis statement and organizing principle.
      Remember that you should focus on one feature for classification. For instance, attitude toward education — for different types of students.
    3. Plan the entire process (outline).
      To make your essay well-structured, it's always better to develop an outline in advance and indicate all the important features you are going to dwell on.
    4. Conduct classifying research.
      To group or diverse the subjects, you have to provide reasonable evidence. For a relevant classification, "I just want to combine those in one group" idea isn't enough.
    5. Come up with conclusions.
      Your classification essay will have a higher value if, in the end, you are able to explain what that classification can be used for. Does it help to perceive the group of things or people better? Can it help to make a certain decision?

    Now, it's time to proceed with the different types of students in high school/college. Below, you will find several examples based on certain groups of learners. We hope those samples will help you understand how to write this assignment and what issues should be highlighted there.


    "Motivation is a key success factor when it comes to education or work. People who lack motivation tend to perform worse than their inspired colleagues. Some learners are thrown in lower sets due to their behavior, not intellect or competence. Except for the cases of disabilities or mental issues, all people are born equal and have more-or-less equal skills. So, if some of them start performing worse in specific fields, it's basically because of no interest in the subject or misunderstanding of the value. This student will follow the path of an academic underachiever.

    Academic underachievement can be the result of in-school factors. Subcultures, school hierarchy, gender division, setting — those are all factors that can shape a student's performance. Any form of discrimination, like racism or gender inequality, may have a negative impact on the behavior of learners. Out-of-school factors also influence the academic performance of an individual. Those include such issues as material and cultural deprivation."

    That was an excerpt from the essay on various types of students with the focus on underachievers. And, there are two more groups of learners for your consideration.


    "The word 'mediocre' refers to something average. A mediocre student performs above the lowest grades but is still doing worse than the best learners who tend to earn only As and Bs. An average grade of a mediocre student is C, and they're fully satisfied with the outcome. It means they know only the basics of a subject, having no in-depth knowledge or extra enthusiasm for learning. Unlike the underachievers who can be justified with the challenging obstacles, the main problem of the mediocre learners is laziness. It leads to procrastination that makes students be late with their assignments and miss the deadlines. Sometimes, a lack of motivation is also detected.

    Some students of the mediocre type hope their parents will figure it out and pay for their higher education. However, the rates are going up, so such young people should dedicate more time to their school education.

    One of the ways to overcome high payment rates for a college education is to prepare a winning scholarship essay. This way, even a mediocre student has a chance to survive..."

    This free essay sample part tells about another type of student classification. So, it's time to analyze the last one.


    "Every fall, millions of US teens gear up to apply for the colleges and universities. So-called overachievers do not have to get ready by spending sleepless nights recalling what they have learned — for them, the application process is always simple and smooth. They merely need to write their personal statements, and their overall GPA is enough to impress the board and prove their skills and knowledge. Overachiever is one who hasn't followed the instructions and created a brilliant essay anyway.

    Scientists proved, however, that overachievers may experience various life difficulties and issues with health. Those kids frequently suffer from such problems as:

    • Attention-deficit
    • Clinical depression
    • Stress
    • Suicidal ideation
    • Hyperactivity
    • Chemical abuse

    They get stressed because of learning hard and doing so many things simultaneously. Overachievers rest less than others do — less hard-working and motivated students. By having a look at such a learner, one can notice the obvious negative consequences of overstudying."

    In these paragraphs from types of students classification essay, the overachievers are described. As you can see, we've tried to emphasize different aspects of these academic groups — that helps to unite their representatives according to the features and characteristics they have.

    So, we hope our examples will ease your classification essay writing. But remember about plagiarism — any copy-pasting may lower your grade for this assignment!

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