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Thursday Jun 13, 2019

Useful and Effective Process Essay Step-by-Step Writing Guide

The best process essay definition would sound this way: an academic paper that aims to explain or describe a flow of producing something. It could be both creating or destroying a particular thing. It looks similar to the cooking receipts or user's manuals attached to the digital devices once you buy them.

Such type of essay is usually composed in chronological order to interpret the procedure step-by-step.

This paper serves to teach a reader how to do certain things so that they can repeat the same instructions and steps as well as achieve success. If they fail to get the expected result, the problem could be in a writer who was not proficient enough to describe the process properly.

In the truth of the matter, if the teacher aims to succeed and get the expected result after reading the student's process essay, such paper receives an "A." However, in case of failure or plagiarized content, the student will receive an "F." That is why it is critical to omit such problems by learning how to write a process essay.

This mini guide is, in a way, a process paper itself as it explains the ways to write this type of assignment step-by-step. On its example, you may get the main idea of writing such papers.

Writing a Process Essay: Pre-Writing Tips

One thing that you should understand about the essay steps process is that it is not a technical communication. However, it may possess some features of technical documentation. You should make it a bit more creative to make it an essay. Compose this paper in a descriptive or prescriptive mode having a more user-user-friendly voice than standard user's manuals or guides. Do not use an imperative mode in your essay.

Do not underestimate the value of transition words. Include them to show the logical flow of thoughts between different stages of completion. Some examples include "in addition," "even though," "on the contrary," "to make it more specific," "unlike," "to conclude," etc. So, you can use both transition words and entire phrases to show the flow of your thoughts. These words are necessary to make the piece sound logical. Never forget to add such literary devices to your process analysis essay!

Prior to starting your writing process, make sure you are proficient in the topic of your essay. If not, try to come up with one based on the subject you study. Select only those topics that you have an awareness of. Avoid choosing too general subjects to discuss.

Visit the library or go online to collect credible, up-to-date sources you may need to prove your points. Always put down the information about the source you use - it will save plenty of time later.

Before you start writing, make sure you have an appropriate template before of your eyes. We will share one in the section below. In addition to this, we will help you out with some topics!

Get rid of all the distractions - and off we go!

Process Essay Outline Example

Every process should have a plan. In academic writing, an action plan is an outline. It prevents the writer from being lost in own writing. It shows the proper direction of the story.

The paper should start with an eye-catching introduction. A writer can open an essay with hook sentences like a fact or statistic. Example: "With Aweber, it will cost just $194 annually to launch a business and keep it on the wave." The examples of hooks are:

  • Statistics
  • Fact
  • Literary quote
  • Rhetorical question
  • Simile or metaphor, etc.

Now, the reader may want to learn how exactly to start a business using this email service provider. The next step is to inform your reader that you will describe everything step-by-step and provide a guide. You may also mention why it might be beneficial to read the paper. In this case, it would be a good idea to admit that successful startups bring more money than their owners initially invest. Also, you may stress that launching an e-commerce business today is more effective than starting a traditional one.

In the body of your essay, describe the stages one-by-one (in the order of appearance just like they usually do with the movies cast). You should list all the tools and equipment necessary to accomplish the procedure. Explain how to use each to obtain the expected results. Do not forget to insert the transition words to show the connection between all paragraphs: "next," "then," "after that," etc.

Finally, we have the conclusion. Sum up all the steps. Paraphrase the thesis (the central idea of the entire paper first mentioned in the introduction). Point to the significance of the described process. Explain how it can be useful in real life and specify the expected outcomes.

10 Perfect Ideas for a Process Essay

Keep in mind that if your teacher does not assign a specific topic to discuss, you should choose one that is still related to the subject you study. Try to pick trendy topics. Think about what people would like to learn and focus on describing such processes.

If you don't have any process essay topics ideas, you should consider the ones from our amazing list.

  1. How to bake a cake.
  2. Changing a Facebook account setting.
  3. Making a positive impression on the recruiter.
  4. Secrets of traveling overseas for cheap.
  5. How to properly train your per and not have a Cerberus.
  6. Learning a foreign language in a year.
  7. Meeting people for relations online,
  8. Starting an online business using smart tools.
  9. Learning to play the bass guitar.
  10. Changing car oil.

These are all good, fresh ideas for a brilliant essay. Use them to get yourself an excellent mark and a happy smile!

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