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Thursday Jan 17, 2019

Unique Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay

Before we dive into the theme, we'll answer the query that's bothering you, "How to write this persuasive essay?"

As is evident from the very name, it is a paper meant to convince an audience of your idea. But what singular reason sets persuasive kind of writing apart from the argumentative? While the former gears towards the emotional appeal, the other one utilizes logical reasoning to convey your claim. To grasp that, look around and make a mental note of where you've been. This thought stems from one fact: it's possible to create persuasive essay topics out of anything in life. For instance, the neighboring house has a single parent with four kids, the conditions in your school are horrific but everybody is used to them, etc. We bet you appreciate the positive things and flinch at the bad ones. Use it.

The main point of persuasive writing is to make an impression on the reader by convincing them of the reasons why you feel a particular way about the subject. Although you may prove your point verbally persuading people to concur to your view on a daily basis, it is not as simple when it comes to writing it. How do you persuade someone in an essay form without breaking a sweat? If that question has been popping up in your head more frequently than you'd want to, then our article is exactly what you need.

Persuasive Essay Structure

First, you have to undergo a thorough preparation process. Imagine spending a ton of money on a car before realizing you don't know how to drive. A car is useless unless driven. That is the precise situation when the student gets to draft up a persuasive text with little to zero preparation. The entirety of your paper's content depends on how organized and put-together you are because otherwise, you won't even know what to write about. Begin with focusing on effective research after choosing the topic appealing to you. It should revolve primarily around the points which are supposed to convince the audience to switch to your side. Afterward, organize all the data in a systematic order — when you write the piece, your points can be easily accessed. Now you have everything needed to start the persuasive essay.

Introduction stage

For superior understanding and emphasis on the importance of an introduction, we'll compare it to the first impression of the film after you see the preview. If an advertisement for a movie that will be exhibited in the future doesn't evoke your interest, you are very unlikely to come to a cinema to watch it. The same principle applies here. Although it might be informative, a poorly written introductory paragraph without an attention catcher cannot produce the intended effect.

You can do certain things to make your introduction fine — write the dates of importance in history, thesis statement, denotations, etc. Concentrate on a strong thesis sentence that reflects and narrows down your view on the subject. Try to write it in a way that will increase the influence of your paper's argument and make readers know what you are going to debate. For example:

  • Children in schools have to wear uniforms as it helps avoid class inequality and blends all pupils.
  • Rich people must be forced to pay higher taxes to support the financial balance.

The body

This part of your essay allows you to elaborate on the reasons for the paper's argument. How many sentences your paragraphs contain and how many points you need to include depends on your preference unless it is otherwise stated in the given topic.

Use specific examples that will help you define your ideas. It's very easy to confound a persuasive essay with an argumentative one. That being said, never forget that with persuasive writing, you are arguing to change the mindset of the reader. Also, the quality depends on the sentiments you bring out. The more evoked emotions they appear to have, the better they will warm up to your view. We are all emotional beings, and even the most logical person can still be swayed by feelings.

The concluding paragraph

As it's implied in the title, this paragraph of your persuasive paper brings everything to its logical end. All the author has to do now is rephrase the core ideas laid out in the body section. It should be precise and simple. The length depends entirely on you, although usually, the concluding part of your writing is short. But, do not make it too brief as it can spell a whiff of a slothfully written essay.

12 Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Is it possible for distant learning to replace traditional classroom learning in the long run?
  2. Are mental hospitals safe for patients with chronic illnesses?
  3. What is your view of the prevailing taxation system?
  4. The death penalty — cruelty or justice?
  5. The hungry children: can we end the world hunger?
  6. The American foreign policy of aggression.
  7. The importance of English lessons in foreign schools.
  8. Kindness and Humility are the most meaningful personal traits.
  9. Students should have the right to decide their future profession.
  10. Reasons to live responsibly.
  11. Premarital sex. Is it good or bad?
  12. The importance of social media in a student's life.
  13. Do the negative effects of the Internet outweigh the positives?

Persuasive writing has grown to become a fixture in recent times. It's usually found in blog posts, advertisements, political speeches, newspaper editorials, etc. In conclusion, it's paramount that you practice every step drafted and explained in this article with profound precision.

We hope you'll conclude reading this article by saying, "It helped me learn to write persuasive essays!" But if you are still not sure you can write a good persuasive essay, you can choose our writing services. We will alleviate the situation for you within minutes!

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