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Natural Selection Essay Guide - Charles Darwin's Evolution Theory Essay

In a natural selection essay, students should observe the famous theory proposed by Charles Darwin, who insisted that the man is descended from an ape. The concept was rejected later, but it is still very popular in academia. That is why you should be ready to write various assignments focused on the theory of evolution suggested by a scientist.

No matter whether you agree or disagree with Charles Darwin, you can express your ideas and analyze the theory from different perspectives by natural selection essay. That is an assignment you can be required to write for your biology, anthropology, geography, or history class - biology professors are ones interested in this theory the most. But first, let's decide on what the features, standards, and purpose of this writing are.

What is Natural Selection Essay?

Let's discuss what a natural selection is. It is the varying ways of survival and reproduction of living creatures that depend on different phenotypes. Here, we can see that an essay on such a specific topic will contain many professional and scientific terms that you'll have to explain. You don't have to turn your assignment into a dictionary. But, don't forget that an essay should be coherent for your target audience.

As for the academic paper on this topic, it has to discuss whether a natural selection is one of the fundamental elements of evolution. Such essays may also cover the discussion about other issues such as mutation, migration, and genes.

Darwin's theory is quite easy, but it can be explained in different ways, so you have to obtain a stance on your attitude toward this concept. That will be your thesis statement, and the task would be to support it well with reliable facts and appropriate examples.

The Process of Natural Selection Essay Writing

Here are some basic concepts you can cover in your Charles Darwin natural selection assignment:

  • A variation in characteristics exist.
    For instance, some people have white skin, while others may have red or black. The same can be said about the eye shapes, skin thickness, etc.
  • There is a difference in reproduction.
    The surrounding environment doesn't allow the endless expansion of the population. Thus, some creatures can reproduce to their full potential, while others cannot do that. For instance, small fishes are eaten by various types of birds and predators. Therefore, such fish species survive by reproducing more frequently than others.
  • Heredity matters.
    First, you should admit that there is such thing is heredity. Genes play an important role in our development. For example, men who used to have male parents with problematic hair tend to go bald more frequently than those who didn't. Also, here, you can cover such a phenomenon as selective breeding that explains how people develop particular features in different species of animals and plants.

If you mention some of those issues in your essay on natural selection, you'll have a better chance to get a higher grade. We recommend basing your assignment on the rules suggested by Darwin. That will show your competence in a matter and ability to think analytically.

Now, look at this academic paper under the microscope. Below, you can find an outline for your natural selection essay.

Natural Selection Essay Outline Example

Most essays have a standard structure, but you may expand it depending on your topic and objectives. You may analyze various essay prompts on evolution mechanisms before developing an outline. This way, you'll understand what structure will be winning for your writing, what paragraphs to include, and how to preserve the logic of your text.

Having an outline will help to follow the logical flow of thoughts. It serves as a map or compass in the woods - no traveler will be able to survive without having these critical items. An outline will prevent you from facing a writer's block, so prepare it no matter whether your instructor requires you to do that. Just use it as a draft while writing your natural selection essay.


The simplest way is to start with the general info - a natural selection definition. You may admit that the theory and term were first introduced by Charles Darwin. Mention that he tried to prove that differentiation is present within all organisms - it's the major element of evolution. You can also analyze what people knew about evolution before Darwin's discovery. End the opening paragraph with a powerful thesis explaining your stance. It could be as simple and naive as: "I support the evolution theory offered by Charles Darwin even though it was denied. I cannot ignore the similarities between human beings and monkeys, and I am going to prove at least major statements of the famous scientist in this essay."

Body paragraphs

You should come up with three arguments minimum to defend your thesis and structure them into three body paragraphs. Each of them should open with a topic sentence related to your thesis. The rest of the paragraph should contain some evidence gathered from credible external sources and your own thoughts on an issue along with examples. Include transition words like to begin with, unlike, in contrast, and others to show the link between different parts of your essay.


Open the final paragraph with the restated thesis and provide a summary of all topic sentences. But, that is quite a worn-out approach. You can sum everything up by explaining the influence of Darwin's theories on today's science or offering your own perception of the phenomenon's importance. Sometimes, if the essay is about an arguable issue, students finish it with an intriguing hook. For instance, you can provoke the readers to debate over the study or make them answer certain questions.

Do not forget to add a bibliography list at the end of your work. Mention all the scientific sources you used while working on your project.

10 Natural Selection and Evolution Essay Prompts

Don't know how to formulate an interesting and relevant topic for an essay of this type? We offer you a list of prompts that convey different aspects of the natural selection concept.

  1. The process of natural selection.
  2. Sexual selection theory.
  3. Cultural evolution from the aspect of Charles Darwin.
  4. Reconciling Darwin's famous theory of evolution.
  5. Modern evolutionary synthesis of the theories offered by Darwin.
  6. The concept of Social Darwinism in the development of people's relationships.
  7. The main concepts of evolution through natural selection.
  8. Summary of Charles Darwin's essay on natural selection.
  9. Discovery of natural selection in different species - specifics and common features.
  10. Darwin evolution in relation to Intelligent design.

That information is enough to craft a good paper on natural selection or evolution. In case of any questions, you may use our essay writing service and order a top-notch assignment in two clicks.

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