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Wednesday Jul 25, 2018

Harvard Supplemental Essays Writing Guide (2018-2019)

In this article, we'll be looking at a somewhat rare and yet compulsory essay format which you'll have to deal with if you ever get it in your head to enter Harvard University. There's no particular format for Harvard supplemental essays. But, there are certain things you'll need to keep in mind when working on it.

What makes this guide particularly noteworthy is that tips and hints on such essays are difficult to come by these days. No wonder then that very few people need such advice since only a few even dare contemplate entering this institution. But if getting into Harvard is what you genuinely want to achieve, then you need to know how to write an effective supplemental essay. To help you accomplish your ambition, we have come up with a few helpful hints that will make your job a lot easier.

When applying to this university, they will require you to submit a Harvard application essay or rather several essays. You'll get the topics and formatting requirements for all the pieces except for one that's optional (we bet you already know which one it is). Technically, you don't have to submit it at all, but we strongly advise that you do. That way, your chances of making it into Harvard increase dramatically. That is precisely why you should work hard on this essay. You'll need to grind harder than with any other paper on your list. Make it your number one priority!

Some of our readers may ask, "Why does Harvard have supplemental essays?" The purpose of this paper is to allow applicants to provide some meaningful information about them that has not been stated in other submitted essays. It is also your chance to stand out and let the Harvard evaluation board know what makes you just the right candidate for being admitted to such a prestigious educational institution. Therefore, you must write a remarkably good essay that will impress all members of the Harvard Admission Board and make them want to choose you over hundreds of other applicants.

Harvard Supplemental Essays in 2019

Are there any peculiarities of writing supplemental essays in 2019? Frankly speaking, the requirements are not that different from Harvard supplemental essays 2017-2018. In other words, there are no particular requirements, but there are specific recommendations you need to follow to write an excellent piece.

  • Keep it reasonably short. Although there is no set Harvard supplemental essay word limit, anywhere between 500 and 700 words would be just the right length.
  • Make it unique. Be careful as not to write about something you have already mentioned in your other essays.
  • Surprise them. You must realize that dozens of other people will whip out all their skills to impress the committee, so dedicate some time to go through forums, talk to your peers, and fish for information. Include something nobody else would even imagine!

Make sure that your essay meets the Harvard University mission by showing:

  • How you are different from the mass
  • That you are a proactive leader who cares for other people
  • How you take part in community life outside academia
  • How you use your skills to help the community
  • How entering Harvard will make it possible for you to serve the wellbeing of your region and, maybe, humanity

Some Harvard Supplemental Essay Tips

What makes this paper distinctive is the freedom of expression you get. You should definitely take advantage of that and make your Harvard supplemental essay memorable. Keep in mind that members of the admission board have to read way too many applications, so make yours the one to remember by grabbing their attention and showing your motivation. Start writing well in advance and once you finish it, let it "rest" for a while before proofreading it yourself or having someone else look at it for you. Then, revise it again and show the final product to somebody else. Ask them for their input; let them tell you how they feel about it.

Another good idea is to have professional writers proofread it for you. Please, keep in mind that our experts will be able not only to correct or edit your Harvard supplemental essay grammatically but also write it entirely from scratch. That way, it is going to be unique and produce a lasting impression. Our expert academic writers have vast experience dealing with supplemental essays. Since this is your only opportunity to enter the university of your dream, this option may prove to be the best solution. You can contact our support team if you have questions, and they will be happy to provide you with any academic writing help you need.

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