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Thursday Oct 18, 2018

Diagnostic Essay - Tips for Excellent Writing

In most cases, a diagnostic essay is given to you as an assignment at the beginning of the semester. It is a part of the professor's job of examining a student's writing skills. It's not that big of a deal in regards to your overall grade because it is rarely used for end-of-the-semester evaluating purposes. Professors simply evaluate which weak and strong points your writing has so that it is clear to them which material to cover during the semester. It may also so happen that a new teacher who wants to see how good you are at writing essays assigns it as a sort of a test. This is not the kind of essay that you need to spend days editing. It is finished in a short period so that the teacher can review your academic writing skills.

For this kind of assignment not to be of too much stress to a student, there are certain tips for writing a diagnostic essay that you can follow. Do not spend too much time on the planning because time-management skills are what the majority of students lack. Half an hour would be perfect, seeing as you only have so much time in a span of one class. Then, comes the writing itself, and here is when you need to take your time and carefully think over every sentence. Some students tend to not take this type of assignment seriously and rush it, forgetting to present ideas according to the required format. Some steps are even ignored, which is simply preposterous. Haste makes waste, as it goes! Below are a few things students should be aware of if they want to succeed:

  • After you have selected an exciting topic, you need to jot down the main ideas.
  • Settle on the basic five-paragraph format structure. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Since it is just a paper to be written within an hour or so, it can be no longer than 500 words.
  • Promptly brainstorm the topic to develop valuable and interesting ideas. However, be cautious not to abandon the essential format requirements.
  • Write your thesis statement that is included in the first paragraph (introduction).
  • Have an outline of the content that is to be written in each section. It must be well-structured and organized so that it can be easily followed and understood by the reader.

Excluding the introduction and the conclusion is not allowed, that one is clear. The main body should contain the main ideas ranging from the most essential to the less important with the most of them being backed up solidly. The transition from one paragraph to another should be smooth and logical. At every stage, there should be enough time left to complete the essay writing within the timeframe specified by your teacher.

Exploring the Definition

This is a type of essay that is given by teachers at the start of the academic semester to assess the students' writing abilities so that they know where to improve. A prompt or a question is provided as a topic to expound on. Speed is a significant asset in this writing "contest", so this assignment should be finished in the shortest time possible.

There is no research to conduct before writing such an essay. The student gets to portray their capacity of being efficient in writing so that pre-writing, final editing, and proofreading is done within a specific, often limited, timeframe. This paper does not add up to your grades so do not lose your head right from the start.

The diagnostic essay definition can be described as a type of essay given by the teacher in lesson time; it should be written and completed in class. It is an easy way for the teacher to identify the current state of the student's knowledge, to know where the audience should improve academically, and to determine the areas that lack their attention or support.

Just like every other essay, this one should follow the basic format requirements so that the reader understands it without getting confused. Here are some tips on outlining your essay so that it lives up to all the standards given by usual academic guidelines.

  • Come up with an attention-grabbing introduction.
  • Arrange an outline of your main ideas.
  • Write the thesis statement.
  • Compose the main body paragraphs that explain and back up your thesis statement with solid arguments.
  • Create the conclusion, making sure that you include all the main points mentioned in the central part.
  • Double-check everything. Are all the ideas you've come up with in the body paragraphs backed with proof? Punctuation, grammar, spelling mistakes all right? Give some final polish to the essay if need be.

Writing the Essay - Structure and Tips

This is a five-paragraph essay that uses the core standard structure. Therefore, it should include an introduction, main body of two to three paragraphs, and the conclusion. Since this assignment cannot be completed at home, the student has to be fast in writing. Time for planning, editing, and proofreading should be divided carefully. You should not worry much about marks here but focus on showcasing how good your writing skills are at the moment. Typically, you receive your topic by way of a prompt or a question. It can be a topic assigned to the whole class or individually to every student. It depends on what the teacher decides or wants.

  • The Introduction.
    First of all, review your main points. When you know what you are going to write in the body paragraphs and clearly understand the topic, it is not too difficult to write the intro. The prompt can be paraphrased, and then your three main ideas can be emphasized through a very brief summary. To grab the reader's attention, you should consider placing a hook or something interesting at the beginning. It is vitally important to make the audience eager to read the essay, and a right hook is a driver behind it. A thesis statement should be placed toward the end of the first paragraph, comprised of two to three sentences.
  • The Main Body.
    All the main ideas should be written and clearly explained in each paragraph. A student should have a proper transition from one idea to the next. Coherent arguments are important. Typically, you start with the strongest point and move along to the weakest one. To stay on track of the topic, constantly refer to the thesis statement.
  • The Conclusion.
    This is the ending paragraph of your essay. Recap here the main ideas stated in the introduction and the thesis statement. To avoid repetition, you can paraphrase. No new information should be raised here, you sort out or do a recap here.

Diagnostic Essay Topics

If you have a number of different topics to choose from, be sure to select the one that is interesting enough. It is also important to understand what you want to write in due order. Below are some interesting topics that can often be encountered in your class:

  1. The convenience of an educational school trip.
  2. My dream country I look forward to visiting some day.
  3. My mother is my role model.
  4. Why is sleep a necessity?
  5. How the cold medication can be very hazardous if it is in the hands of a wrong person.

As you can see, it is an easy task to do - given you know where to start and how to solve it. Good luck to you!

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