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Tuesday Oct 01, 2019

College Essay Writing Tips — Your Best Academic Writing Prep Service

Wish to learn how to write a college essay of the high quality? Our mini-guide might be useful!

Being one of the best online paper writing services, we are ready to share tips and tricks from our authors and editors. They have done hundreds if not thousands of essays so far. They will tell you how to deal with this most common assignment.

The first essay tip is to define this type of writing: it is an academic or literary piece which tells a story or offers information on a particular topic. This term is very broad. The problem is that many types of essays exist, and each of them is defined in its unique way.

Here are some genres of this writing that you may face in high school, college, and university.

  • Narrative
  • Expository
  • Synthesis
  • Cause and effect
  • Argumentative
  • Compare and contrast
  • Persuasive
  • Definition, etc.

Those are the most popular types of essays. We will briefly explain their meaning and purposes.

In a narrative essay, an author has to involve descriptions to describe a specific episode or let the audience visualize and feel something. In expository writing, a student should explain, illustrate, or explicate something to make it clear for the readers. A synthesis essay carries the same purpose as the analysis paper.

In a cause and effect assignment, one has to clearly identify the reasons for something to take place as well as the consequences of that. Argumentative writing stands for introducing one's position towards a specific problem. A persuasive essay is alike, but, except for presenting your opinion, you also have to defend it and convince the audience of your truth, making them want to support your idea. A definition essay offers meanings of the term(s). In a compare and contrast paper, a writer should list differences and similarities between people, objects, etc.

The list of college paper types could be made endless. In this article, we want to focus on writing an essay in general, meaning these rules can be applied to any type. We will also briefly explain how our essay writing service can help.

Creating a College Essay: Pre-Writing Stages

You cannot start writing without a good topic. The first tip is to select a theme or question to discuss. If you pick a topic, try to cover it from different possible aspects; if you choose a question, make sure you provide a clear answer closer to the end of your work. Never leave any questions unanswered!

Research is the heart of any academic writing assignment. Even if you have to select a topic on your own when your tutor does not give a specific problem to observe, you'll have to conduct prior study trying to collect relevant and interesting ideas for your future paper.

How should one choose a topic? If you hate the topics covered in class, you may skip them, but your subject of the matter still should be related to the class you take. Teachers expect to see something that our course discusses. The best way to pick the right topic is by brainstorming and classifying all of the thoughts that pop up in your head.

You can look for the ideas on the web. Search on the social media platforms as they are always full of topics that are recently discussed in your community — just pick the category. Google and other search engines can help. To find the solution, you should come up with the list of keywords and insert them in the search field to get the results.

Finally, you should take your interests into account. Think about which of the topics appeals to you and try to connect them to the subject you study. Always ask your tutor to confirm the topic of your choice before starting to write an essay — do not waste your precious time!

Another pre-writing step is to observe studies from the past. Gather information from the following sources:

  • Books
  • Interviews
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Polls
  • Scholarly articles
  • Documentaries
  • Indexes
  • Dictionaries, etc.

Use both primary and secondary sources if you need the most accurate answer. The only way to persuade your readers is by offering facts and statistics. Your words alone will not count without supporting evidence from the up-to-date sources (modern tutors ask to use materials that are no older than five years).

How to Format College Essays

One more valuable college essay tip is to develop a references page during the research process. Note down the basic info about every material you plan to use in your work. On a separate paper, put down the names of authors, titles of sources, publication place, date, and other minor details such as volume and issue. It will prevent you from wasting your time on the works cited page in the end.

As for the specific formatting, it depends on the field of study or institution. You'd know which one to choose for your essay: MLA is used in works written for humanities and liberal arts while APA is preferred by those who study psychology and related disciplines. Students of Chicago University will have to cite their works according to the Chicago/Turabian style. When referencing, follow the guidelines from the latest editions of the manuals (in case of MLA, for instance, it would be 8th ed.). Check the grading rubric from the university for more details.

An Outline for a Typical College Essay

The tip below is paraphrased from the numerous writing guides for students. Your paper should have an accepted structure. Make sure to include:

  1. A title page (not required in MLA format)
  2. Introduction
    • Topic presentation and significance
    • Background info
    • Thesis statement
  3. Body
    • Three paragraphs, each made of a claim related to the thesis, supporting evidence, examples, and conclusion
  4. Major conclusion
    • Summary of the topic sentences from the body
    • Paraphrased thesis statement
    • Interesting closing (like a rhetorical question or forecast)

The most effective first sentence idea is to involve a hook. It should grab the reader's attention. A writer may start with a quotation, statistics, metaphor, or else to give a hint of what your thesis will be about. The entire idea is to keep your audience intrigued and reading! Once you are done with each of these parts, carefully proofread and edit your work before submission!

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