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Exploratory Essay Format Tips - Structure Guide with Topics

Many students struggle to understand the exploratory essay format. That's a crucial aspect of your paper, and you've got to be aware of its particularities. But be vigilant - don't confuse it with other assignments, such as an argumentative essay, expository, or persuasive pieces.

Being aware of the structure and format requirements can help you answer such important questions as:

  • Which articles can you use to gather the data for a body part?
  • Is it necessary to express the viewpoint of the author in an essay?
  • How can the structure of your paper change the logical flow of ideas?

An exploratory essay assignment has its mandatory requirements. In this guide, we want to give you an answer to this question, "What are the elements of a good exploratory essay format?" Here, we'll offer you some tips on structuring this paper, and you'll find out what topics are typical for this type of assignment. You'll have a better idea about organizing exploratory writing and meeting all the academic standards.

People involved in hard sciences, as well as students specializing in humanities, may deal with exploratory essay format once in a while. However, detailed information on how to write this paper is not always provided. That is the problem for many learners. But before we get deeper into the formatting details, let us agree on the exploratory essay definition. It's an academic paper that focuses on exploring the issue, a phenomenon, or a question. It should be written while following the standard essay structure:

  1. An introduction with a thesis statement
  2. Three or more main body paragraphs
  3. A concluding section with your final thoughts

Depending on the professor's requirements, you can consider adding the following parts:

  • Abstract, diagrams, appendices, etc.
  • A reference list indicating the used sources
  • A separate title page (topic, author, etc.)

That is about the structure features. When you're done with an exploratory draft, look for any specifications regarding the formatting required: does the paper need to be changed? Maybe there are some precise details that you should improve? In case no specific directions for the format are provided, use a particular citation style. Citation styles have pros and cons, similarities, and differences, but usually, their requirements for formatting are generalized.

  1. Use 12 PT Times New Roman (comprehensible font)
  2. Set margins to one inch on all sides
  3. Indent your paragraphs half an inch
  4. Use hanging indention for your reference list
  5. Double-space your paper

A correct format will make your exploratory essay organized and more academic.

Citations and Exploratory Essay Format

Citing is the issue you shouldn't neglect while working with an exploratory essay and its format. While working on this assignment, you will have to collect a lot of important information on a subject from many sources. For instance, if you study the topics about technology, you may focus on technical literature and specific reports.

But your task is not to persuade the different audiences of academia. You don't have to state your for or against thoughts on the issue or express your point of view. In good examples of exploratory essays, you just provide extensive information on the subject and its aspects to the reader. Hence, remember to refer to the sources used and prove that your text is well-grounded. That's where you find the citations' importance. Each more or less significant educational establishment undertakes an attempt to arrange their unique citation style. Among the most popular citation styles you can use to format an exploratory essay, there are:

  • American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • American Sociological Association (ASA)
  • Modern Language Association (MLA)
  • Chicago
  • Turabian
  • Harvard

While working on an exploratory essay sample, don't forget to visit the official website of a style to familiarize yourself with the guidelines.

The professor might ask you to make some changes to the required citation style. For instance, a specific font, larger margins, single space for the paper. Sometimes, changed instructions are given only to ensure students read the exploratory essay format rubric.

Where to Find Exploratory Essay Format Examples

Sometimes, to prepare a perfect paper of this type, you can study a couple of exploratory essay examples. You may find them in academic journals, the school's digital database, and other sources you have access to. It's also a good idea to work with one or two of your group mates. You can revise each other's works for formatting errors. That can be useful since sometimes, it is hard for you to "catch" even obvious mistakes.

Look at the exploratory essay outline example below and analyze its main points. That way, you will learn more about the right structure of this assignment and understand how to make a narration coherent.

Topic: Facebook - Its Development and Influence

  1. Introduction. The role Facebook plays in our lives.
  2. Body Part. Development and Influence.
    • Mark Zuckerberg and his intentions regarding the platform.
    • How has society changed with the invention of Facebook?
    • The use of Facebook today: personal and business needs.
  3. Conclusion. How can this network be improved?

This simple template shows the exploratory essay purpose well. We take a subject and decide which of the aspects we want to analyze. Then, we refer to different sources to collect details related to the main points of our assignment. In the final part, you can come up with hypotheses or possible solutions, although it's not an obligation. Sometimes a summarizing statement is enough for a concluding paragraph.

One can also have a hard time choosing a subject to write about, so we want to offer you some help with picking a relevant exploratory essay topic. When you clearly see what the central idea of your essay is, the formatting stage will be much easier. Here are some options:

  • The influence of music on our mood
  • How plastic bags and straws affect the environment
  • The difficulties of communication between generations
  • The world's superiors - China and US: The strengths
  • Implementation of modern technological devices in the classroom

Your topic can also be formulated in the form of a question. But keep in mind that you aren't supposed to convince the readers or obtain a certain stance on the issue.

Deal with Your Exploratory Essay Format

Students may have a hard time writing and formatting their assignments, and that's when our professional assistance may come in handy. Here, we provide learners with different services that may simplify their academic life. If you're sweating over the exploratory essay formatting, editing, or actual writing, just contact our agents and leave the rest to us. Our seasoned writers and editors are always online to spare you the struggles of academia. Thanks to many years of editing and writing under our belts, we can format your assignments in two shakes.

We hope the article is helpful for students of all scholarly levels and wish you only the best exploratory essays!

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