• Academic writer: useful tips to improve your editing skills

  • Posted: Thursday Apr 04, 2013
  • In order to write a good essay, it is vital to follow laid down guidelines. This means they should follow all the required details to the latter. Some niceties the academic writer needs to keep in mind include:
    • Following the written style given by the examiners: there are different style formats used in the academic writing presentation some of them include APA style, and MLA style. The core differences come in terms of appearance and citing the reference. When you use a book source, you need to make sure you have indicated the correct styling method. This includes dealing with editing different writing styles from name of author, year of performance and other details indicated. You need to countercheck in terms of quotation in spellings, semicolons, commas and capital letters where necessary.
    • Using the required format: you will have different instructions to use and these are important in academic exhibition. They include the font size, the writing style, line spacing, word spacing and other minor details indicated in the instructions. This means you have to use the specified format and style in writing hence the need to edit as per the directives.
    • Conducting research: in academic writing you have to start steering the research. This means you have an opportunity to settle with different study sources from journals, books, newspapers, and internet sites. You need to ensure that you use accurate details, and indicate sources used.
    • Actual appearance and following guidelines: with academic writing, it becomes easier for one to fall out of the written topic and this means you will not get the scores you want. You have to ensure you understand all areas of interests as request and follow the format indicated.
    These details help to get good results and you will settle with effective results. However, some people do not follow these guidelines, making them fail miserably in their quest for writing.

    Why you need to edit your work

    An academic writer has excellent thoughts and ideas, but do not get appropriate market since they do not know the best way to express their ideas. Some people only know the editing but will not khow how to write a good essay. In order for one to thrive in academic writing they need to have strong editing and writing skills. With an opportunity to use a spell checker, and computer aid, it does not mean you have done the right job. The software applications will not know your style of writing and at times, do not offer good results. This is why you need to keep on manual editing and check again on order to ensure you have indicated correct spellings and grammar.

    Process of editing

    Editing is not the fun part in writing for many people but this is a crucial step for those who want to gain high results. Editing includes reading through all your written work from scratch. You need to ensure you have right grammar, good style of writing, organized thoughts and flow of work to give an interesting reading. Some of the steps to follow include
    Determine your writing style: it is important for every writer to know the approach to will use. An academic writer can choose to use a second person, and others choose first person approach based on the question. The style you choose needs to make sense in terms of grammar and language flow.
    Research your work: you cannot state facts, when you cannot verify. In academic writing, you need to make sure you quote all sources and this will offer you credible results since you can verify where you got the information.
    Take time off: writing academic essays becomes boring, tiring and stressful especially when dealing with complex and technical details. You cannot write and entire essay and go straight to editing. You need to take a break in order for the mind to relax and start going through the entire essay
    Check spelling and grammar: many people do not go through spell checks, and some people do not have the correct grammar. Take time to verify, spellings, punctuations and quotations, ensure good article flow, citations and read through the article again.
    For an academic writer to excel in their essays since they have presented error free work in terms of spelling, grammar, and good command of English.
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