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Friday Apr 26, 2019

Book Report Writing Format

Reading a story and realizing you're in love with every part of it: the plot, the characters, the setting, simply everything! Sadly, that's not enough for your task if you don't use a proper book report format. You can be the biggest bookworm, but knowing how to score an "A" on that Literature assignment requires much more.

Book reports are your basic "lazy" assignments because they are straightforward, with the structure and rubric remaining unchanged for years. The only thing evolving is the complexity level. And well, let us go out on a limb here and assume that what led you here is a college assignment.

No need to stress out over something as insignificant as a book report! Just skim through our guidelines and writing this task will become a breeze.

How to Write a Great Book Report?

  1. Read the full book.
    Even if you hate reading books, you have to power through and to do it. There is no other way to understand what the novel is about. And no, it is not enough to just read a summary! That will only give you a general overview instead of the entire story.
  2. Make notes.
    It's not the best idea to take notes directly in the story. There's no visible order, and your remarks can easily get lost between the pages, not mentioning that it's unethical to vandalize a book. That is why it is useful to have a notebook where you can write down quotes, interesting elements, and important plot twists. If you prefer to read on the phone, tablet or computer, you should open a text document and put all your notes there. The most convenient way is to install a reading app that allows you to make bookmarks and leave comments.
  3. Make an outline.
    Make the detailed plan of the text structure and what each paragraph will include. When you finish the draft, reread it and make sure that it has a logical structure and includes all the main items of the novel. Keep in mind that outline will take some time to create but will save much more on the final stage.
  4. Write the intro paragraph.
    Try starting the report with the author's name and the title. Or, open with a line that will intrigue and catch the readers' attention (a quote would be a good idea). It is important to make your introduction about six sentences long.
  5. Present the setting.
    This is the best way to start the main part of your report because it will make the foundation for the whole story. Describe all the locations and places to help the reader capture the vibe and atmosphere. Use descriptive language and pinpoint symbolic details.
  6. Summarize the plot.
    Describe the main events of the book and how they influenced the characters and their actions. For example, if the main hero is moving to a small town, you might want to explain the reason behind that. Talk about the implications that led the hero to uproot their life and completely change their surroundings.
  7. Descrive main characters.
    Talk about the character and events in the book, specify who they are, and show why they are essential to the story. You can go deeper and describe their appearance and clothes. For instance, you can go with a sentence similar to the following: "Our hero is a young man who enjoys extreme sports."
  8. Chose your writing style and tone.
    Depending on the type of the book, you can tell the story with a different style. While reading, you should pay attention to writing elements, including the author's choice of words. How did they manage to highlight the themes of the plot? Was the important information delivered through details, or were you blinded by the onslaught of it?
  9. Conclude to make an impression.
    The final part of your essay should include your personal impression of the book. Don't make it too emotional, but express your honest feelings. You could write your thoughts in the pros-and-cons style! Finish your review stating whether you recommend this book.
  10. Reread and edit.
    Read your text to check the structure of the paragraphs. Then, do it the second time and search for some small mistakes and typos. You can even read it out loud to ensure it sounds good and logical. Then - off to the teacher!

Book Report Formats

Now that you've organized all the elements of your book report, you should decide how you are going to format it. The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is the one most commonly assigned to the students of high-school and college levels.

  • Use 12-size Times New Roman font.
  • Double-space your paragraphs.
  • Put your name in the top left corner of the page.
  • Teacher's name, your class, and the date go below.
  • The title is placed under your name and course info.
  • Indent the paragraphs with the tabulation.
  • Page numbers go in the top right corner.

And never forget that any task can become an easy one with enough diligence and preparation. Good luck with your book report!

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