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Thursday Jul 26, 2018

Anorexia Essay: How to Write a Good Paper on This Critical Issue

Today, the range of topics you can highlight in a written assignment is limitless. The world is fickle, and the number of things you can describe and discuss in your school essay is always growing. Students write about artificial intelligence, the problems of social networks, and video game addiction, issues that are becoming more pressing with each day.

One of the most significant areas students discuss in their papers is health. In our article, we are going to focus on the anorexia essay and study the four approaches you can use for writing. We want to emphasize the importance of discussing and highlighting this issue, which has been slowly and steadily spreading throughout the modern world. Therefore, we hope that our guide to the essay about anorexia will help you cope with this specific paper and make you think about some undereating issues that might not seem like a big deal at first.

Purpose of the Anorexia Nervosa Essay

The first question you are likely to face while preparing a paper on this disputable topic is what to write about in your essay. Every second student has heard of anorexia and knows what it is. However, you are to write a thoughtful essay, not a column in a glossary. That means a mere definition of anorexia is not enough to get a high or any grade.

If you don't know what you should write about in your paper, then the first thing you are to do is define the central purpose of your task. That usually depends on the essay type, the principles of which will determine the way you develop the writing. Based on those, you might have to convince your reader of a standpoint, argue a specific idea about anorexia, explain the consequences of this disorder, or present possible solutions to this issue. Of course, your essay will revolve around the anorexia nervosa, but your objective will vary depending on the angle you choose.

Argumentative Essay on Anorexia

Here, you should decide on your viewpoint and back it by substantial evidence. When speaking about the argumentative essay on anorexia, there are a lot of concepts related to this disorder you could easily use for your writing. For example, you could question the very definition of anorexia. Is it dangerous to weigh less than forty kilograms? Tell why it is essential to pay attention to this issue, agree or express disagreement with some opinions on this matter. Remember that a good argumentative essay on anorexia is impossible without a solid foundation of evidence.

Persuasive Essay on Anorexia

How to persuade the reader if your essay is on anorexia? Think about all the "why" and "how" questions. Formulate your opinion about this problem and think of how to prove the validity of your viewpoints to the audience. What to include in your persuasive essay? Think about the following ideas:

  • Why is anorexia an ideal in the model business?
  • How important is it to control your diet?
  • Anorexia as a dream (or nightmare) of any girl.

Dig deeper, and you will be surprised with how many non-trivial ideas you can find.

Problem-Solution Essay on Anorexia

Anorexia holds many problems behind its name. These may be not just health problems but also bullying, low self-esteem, or mental disorders. Your task while preparing a problem solution essay on anorexia is to choose which of the issues you would like to discuss and to find possible ways to solve it. You can mention the already-known methods (work on mental problems, proper nutrition, visiting the therapist, etc.) and explain your attitude towards them. Besides, you are free to express any non-trivial ideas and assumptions if you can support them with pertinent facts or examples.

Cause and Effect Essay on Anorexia

The health of young people as a new generation is probably the most discussed topic in different areas such as psychology or medicine. Anorexia can be the root of many problems and raise some critical questions:

  • What can difficulties with nutrition entail?
  • What dire consequences await for adolescents who flip through fashion magazines with admiration?
  • What problems hide behind strict diets?

You can answer all those questions in your cause and effect essay about anorexia. Any carelessness or indifference can cause a challenging struggle with this condition.

Your Anorexia Essay Structure

To express ideas or assumptions logically and understandably, you must follow some standard structure rules. All the parts of your writing should be interlinked with each other and keep to one central idea. But, that doesn't mean every sentence of your paper should contain the same information. Therefore, you should be aware of what is appropriate for mentioning in each part of your paper.


This part must contain the thesis statement, which you will address throughout the paper. Usually, in an anorexia essay introduction, you raise a particular issue that you want to explore and emphasize or state a specific opinion. Often, a central idea here is placed in one of the last sentences of this part because then goes an essay body, the content of which directly depends on the purpose of your writing. One of the introduction's last sentences may sound like:

  • But what if anorexia isn't as harmful as we think?
  • What can you face if your nutrition continues to be unregular?
  • There is no doubt that TV shows promoting anorexia should be prohibited.

The Body Paragraphs

Let's see what to write in the central part of your paper on anorexia? As we mentioned above, it depends on the purpose of your writing. Nevertheless, your essay should be well-grounded, and all your ideas, as well as statements about anorexia nervosa that you want to argue, should be reasonable and relevant. To find the sources you can research and use in your body paragraphs, you can:

  • Look through the previous successful research on this theme.
  • Explore medicine- or psychology-oriented online sources and libraries.
  • Visit the nearest hospital and try to talk to doctors (if you're brave enough).
  • Check the Internet for some books, tv-shows, or documentaries about this terrible eating disorder.


Ready to make a thought-provoking conclusion? Think about whether there are any open questions or what-ifs left. There is a chance your anorexia essay conclusion will be met with doubts and arguments because this issue is highly debatable - many men, many minds. Your task is to predict such an outcome and make your final part as refined and doubt-proof as possible. Otherwise, don't worry because you have already made your essay so impressive that it will make your readers ponder. But be careful because your conclusion shouldn't anything new (information, ideas, etc.).

Anorexia Essay Topics You Can Use

To focus your attention on the most relevant anorexia-related issues, we want to offer you some ideas to inspire you or give a good foundation for your topic. Here is a list of anorexia essay topics that will grab anyone's attention:

  1. High price for low weight: What does the anorexia hold?
  2. Glamorous anorexia. Does being a model mean giving up on your health?
  3. America's Next Top Anorexic and the popularity of plus-size models.
  4. Why "40 kilos" isn't an "anorexia" tag anymore.
  5. "I'm not hungry" or why it's essential to spot an eating disorder.
  6. Why do teenage girls dream about losing weight?
  7. Skinny girls on TV as an unreachable aspiration.
  8. Why there's no such thing as "perfect" body.
  9. Anorexia as a result of mental health issues.
  10. Mockery of anorexic people and its consequences.

Anorexia Essay Outline Example

Here is our outline example with key ideas to develop in each paragraph. Study it and see how to add logic and coherence to your essay.

  1. Introduction
    Anorexia among teenagers is a result of mental illness.
  2. Body paragraphs
    • Backing evidence 1
      Bullying at school makes teenagers think about themselves as not attractive or defective. Such thoughts can lead to mental trauma resulting in the loss of appetite and weight.
    • Backing evidence 2
      According to previous psychological and medical studies, the majority of anorexic people seek help from therapists first because they see anorexia as not a physical but mental disorder.
    • Backing evidence 3
      Advertising and various TV-shows promote unhealthy skinny bodies as perfection and influence teenagers psychologically, making them change their bodies "for the better."
  3. Conclusion
    To predict and avoid any signs of anorexia, we should pay attention not only to our weight but our mental state as well. Don't let anyone think about your body as "not skinny enough."

We hope this essay outline example will be useful to you. Such an assignment is your chance to show your competence, analytical thinking skills, and extensive background knowledge.

Where to look for inspiration

As a conclusion, we would like to offer you an inspirational tip, especially if you are going to write about anorexia in teenage females.

Nowadays teenagers enjoy watching various TV-series and movies that try bring to light the issue of anorexia nervosa. Look through some of them (or recall if you have watched some) and share your impression with your readers and professors:

  • Red Band Society, 2014 (Emma Chota)
  • Skins, 2007 (Cassie Ainsworth)
  • To the Bone, 2017 (Ellen)
  • Girl, Interrupted, 1999 (Daisy Randone)
  • Binge, 2017 (Nancy)

As you can see, this eating disorder has been a pressing issue for many years. Express your standpoint about the problem and write a perfect essay by using our tips!

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