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Tuesday Jan 21, 2020

5 Paragraph Essay Template — Writing an Outline with Five Sections

What is the purpose of a good 5 paragraph essay template? In academic writing, if we consider every major element a paragraph, essay structure will consist of five of those — that's simple. But even if you understand everything about the five-paragraph essay structure, a template is needed to make sure your theoretical knowledge corresponds with its practical application and can be arranged into logical text. That's why we have asked our professional academic writers to work out a detailed example. It will provide students with a sense of what a five paragraph essay template is and how to use it appropriately.

5 Paragraph Essay Template Example

But how to prepare this template for a five-paragraph assignment? Here, we would like to take a closer look at each step you have to make. Below, you can find an explanation for each element of the template and some tips on how to deal with it well. Don't focus on a particular discipline or topic — we'll do that later. What we offer is a universal template, which will allow you to format any writing. Here it is:

  1. Your Introductory Paragraph
    • A hook — catch your reader's attention with an impressive first sentence or interesting fact.
    • Background information — inform the reader about the peculiarities of the topic.
    • The thesis statement — emphasize a central idea and interest your audience with it.
    • Introduce your arguments (optional) — overview the aspects you're going to discuss.
    • Transition — make your intro flow smoothly into the main text.
  2. Idea 1
    • Present an idea and mention how it influences the issue you're writing about.
    • Provide evidence to support your thesis and the idea.
    • Make an interconnection between sections.
  3. Idea 2
    • Present your topic sentence and its relation to the topic.
    • Support it with reliable evidence like facts, examples, etc.
    • Make a transition to the next paragraph.
  4. Idea 3
    • Choose your strategy — present another point or counter-point.
    • Show its influence over your subject matter, but don't overdo with new information since it's the last paragraph here.
    • Round up the text, so it's understandable that you're ready to make a conclusion.
  5. The Conclusion
    • Summarize your arguments (optional).
    • Make sure there are no unanswered questions.
    • Make a final statement that explains your attitude to the main question (if any) or shows your main idea being relevant.

Now, let's apply these guidelines to the actual 5 paragraph academic essay template.

Topic: Why Should People Consider Zero-Waste Approach to life?

  1. Introduction. Our world is developed enough for people to take responsibility for the future of our planet and be reasonable consumers. It's time for the "Reduce—Reuse—Recycle" concept to be a part of our daily routine.
  2. Body Part.
    • The amount of waste around is dramatically great, and not always the government can manage it well.
    • We can improve the quality of our lives since there are a lot of emissions and environmental issues caused by our irresponsibility.
    • A big part of all the waste are those things we don't need. We have to make our choices reasonably and understand that less is frequently more.
  3. Conclusion. Even a small contribution can make a difference. It's time to start going towards the Zero-Waste concept, even if that would be baby steps.
Here, the essay template has a clear writing prompt and topic sentence per body paragraph — that will help you make an essay cohesive.

High School 5 Paragraph Essay Templates

Many students ask us whether there is a particular high school 5 paragraph essay template, which would be different from the general one. The answer is negative. There is no particular outline that would work for high school and would not be good for writing a college essay. Thus, consider the template we've cited above. You can easily use it for a standardized test of any academic level. All you need to do is to adjust the content of your paper in accordance with the studied materials and courses you attend.

If you're still facing difficulties or doubts concerning your 5-paragraph assignment's template, there is a great way of taking care of them all. You can always contact our support agents or leave us a message and cooperate with seasoned writers and editors on our platform. Here, we can find the best academic solutions for you!

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