Article writing basics for effective content

There are many things to consider when writing any form of academic work. No matter what the topic is, there should always be scholastic merit present in the work. Article writing is the same thing. Writing articles for academic purposes is different from regular letter writing. To have your paper well-done, you need to know the basic rules of article writing and follow them directly. However, if you are not sure of your writing skills, you can always find some helpful tips that will make the process of writing much easier and less stressful for you, and will lead you right to the success. Here are some important things to recognize when doing some article writing.

Journalistic flair

You need to develop a feel for journalistic form of writing. What that means is that the articles should have an air of objectivity. The question on article writing is not to express your point of view and judgements only, but continue to observe neutrality while writing it. It should basically answer one or more of these questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why or How also known as the 5 Ws and 1 H. It is the basic aspect of article writing. Also, one should never forget to concentrate the juice of the content at the first few paragraphs of the article. In article writing, there is always a sense of urgency and therefore, it is crucial to follow the Inverted Pyramid. All questions should have been answered in the first few sentences and then the rest of the details are organized logically to support the topic. Make sure the content of the paper is enough complicated, clear, well-designed and relevant to the reader. You should keep in mind that the reader may know nothing about the subject at all. Therefore you must make your article accessible and understandable for as many readers as possible and explain the subject fully.


Another important aspect of article writing is brevity. Articles should be kept relatively short. Sentences do not have to be too long but express essential ideas. Otherwise, context is lost and the general treatment suffers. Any article should have a sense of urgency. Therefore, it should be able to share information in the most advantageous way possible. It should be easy to understand the language, while technical terms should be reserved to more technical forms of writing unless it is an essential part of the information. The sentences do not have to be too short but it should be concise without looking simplistic. Remember that the audience should be able to relate with the language and that means that you should use common yet appropriate language to get the articles done. In case jargon is used in the paper, you should give a brief explanation within the article. So keeping the balance of comprehensibility is half of the battle.


When it comes to article writing, it pays to always speak of the truth. Check your facts. This is a crucial part of citing sources. Citing any sentences should be to the point, or how the interviewee said it. There should be no editing on the interviews unless the word has to be canceled out for vulgarity. The content should also be objective and not be inclined to personal biases. This makes the article factual.


There are some forms of publications that dwell in sensationalism, but for academic purposes it is crucial to stick to the objective tone. That is why academic writing uses a formal tone. This tone is also similar to how article writing is done but without the complications or the difficult language. It is very important to always keep the objectivity to ensure quality results.

Grammar and style

The active voice is the preferred form of writing in any kind of academic texts. It is more natural to read and it offers more conviction regarding the work. It is also necessary to follow the grammar rules that govern your academic writing. It is very important to check spelling, word usage, grammar and context for using certain words. By following these tips, writing articles, both for journalistic and discursive options will yield amazing results for your output.
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