• Essay help: find a good topic for an argumentative essay

  • Posted: Sunday Apr 21, 2013
  • In college days, most of the students need essay help to write their own well compiled essay, which values their academic performance. Essay should be argumentative to impress readers, which gives appropriate and sensational arguments. The argumentative essay has contrary opinions based on new evidences and re-evaluation of existing evidences. Essay writing may be essential for students to evaluate their capability. The capabilities of good writer are to understand the subject first, then to argue if he finds any mistake or if he does not agree with the subject. The skills represent his ability to interpret and understand a particular topic.
    In order to write a good argumentative essay, a person needs a good topic that should be selected carefully and intellectually. To find a good topic for an argumentative essay, you should have some basic points in your mind which are given below:
    1. You should have proper time to write a good essay.
    2. You should prepare yourself to search a specific topic and plan accordingly.
    3. Keep back up of the article that you have written so that you can claim in future if necessary.
    4. Essay should contain good points or specific elements, which make it effective as well as attention catching.

    What type of essay help you may need?

    Essay writing needs specific help and guidance, which makes good presentation of essay. An argumentative essay requires some specific conflicting points on which you can make strong arguments. There are some specific steps, which are very helpful for writers. These steps are given below point by point:
    1. Planning to write: First thing you should always consider is planning for a good article structure. Things and ideas that should be added to the article is the most important point in article writing. The standard strategy should be presented in an argumentative essay. After deciding the topic of writing, factual persuasive ideas take the first place in your plan. Good logical thinking is the key of success in an argumentative essay. Make an outline of key points and subtopics which are being added to the essay.
    2. Selection of good topic: Topic you are going to write is the most important factor in essay writing. Selection of a good topic for an argumentative essay is the main motive of essay help. Make sure you have examined the following checklist:
      • You have two viewpoints with significant opposite conclusions.
      • You have strong interest in chosen topic. It will give you enthusiasm to write in a good way.
      • You have some strong and valuable evidences for your topic and ideas which should be covered in the essay.
      • You have logical ideas and points to write in the essay.
      • If you have enough confidence with these points, it's time to choose the topic.
    3. Primary purpose of essay: you should know the main purpose of writing an essay and concepts you want to elaborate in your article. What are the benefits of essay to readers? If your purpose is well defined you can write an essay in a critical way. Your main motive should be to convince people with your opinion based on new evidences and fresh presentation of existing ones.
    4. Strong arguments: Your arguments should have series of supporting ideas and some research. Logical sequence should be maintained in the essay. The flow of article should be clear so that the reader can enjoy your arguments and understand them. You should have ideas about conflicts, twists and negotiations. There may be some objections which may arise while presenting your essay. In addition you should have some counter arguments supporting your topic and your basic opinion as well.
    5. Evidences favour your ideas: You should have empirical evidences for your topic like statistics, research reports, examples and data, well known scientific principles. These things should be in an elaborated form so people can understand them easily and convinced with your basic points stated in the essay. You may cite some previous work done by some professionals and scholars.
    Important points of essay help given above should always be kept in mind while finding the topic for an argumentative essay and while writing the article. Essay should be logical and evidence based. If you have some ideas for the topic where you may find above points well constructed, you can take it safely. This topic will be a good presentation of your argumentative essay writing skills.
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